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Music-Critic announces the winner of their Debut Electronica Album Award

We are pleased to announce that the winner of this year's Music-Critic Debut Electronica Album Award is Chris Silver, for his album 'Unfinished Business'. The album was rated a full 5 out of 5 stars, but even so the competition was a photo-finish as this year had some tremendous releases in the Electronica genre, with some truly exciting ground-breaking albums from new artists.

Second place was awarded to The Avener for their debut album 'The Wanderings of the Avener', which was also awarded 5 stars.

'Unfinished Business' includes tracks such as Never Going to Win this War, Seasoned Veteran and Cornered. The album dives straight into the deep end with a track called Taiki Metered, which emits a depth of sound that lives up to its name taken from the Japanese 'Taiki': great radiance. This sets the tone for the album, which won judges over with its chilled out, densely layered electronic tone and complex use of clean and distorted waves.
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Chris Silver's Unfinished Business is available now on CDBaby

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Selected Reviews

Better Than Ezra - Paper Empire
Better Than Ezra has found their groove. Lead singer/guitarist/songwriter Kevin Griffin has been writing about broken hearts and seizing the day for over 15 years and on the band’s latest “Paper Empire,” Griffin takes his formula and runs with it with little variation.
Emerson Hart - Cigarettes and Gasoline
Tonic was one of the seminal alternative groups of the 90s. Their pop-rock style, along with groups like Better Than Ezra, Blues Traveler and The Wallflowers, ruled the radio during the mid-to-late 90s. Now Tonic’s lead singer Emerson Hart has gone out on his own and left behind some of the grit of his band and embraced the mid-tempo pop on his debut "Cigarettes and Gasoline" to mixed results.
Neil Young - Sugar Mountain - Live at Canterbury House
I feel a little uneasy. Looking around the room I can see I’m surrounded by hippies, and my blinding-white Nikes and frutti-frappe-super-skinny-latte seem a little out of place. Still, the cover charge was paid and they seem a passive bunch.
Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy - Master and Everyone
You’re on a Greyhound bus in the American mid-west, and only you and the driver can’t sleep. As you stare out across an unpopulated expanse, Will Oldham’s sometime alter ego, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, settles into his chair and clears his throat.
Clinic - Do It!
Take all the rides in the middle of the park, the popular ones. Everyone likes them because you get exactly what you expect. That’s why they’re popular.
Pete and the Pirates - Little Death
Is it inevitable though? The first hit that caught you off guard, half a song on the radio, a support slot you didn’t expect to matter, can’t be matched when you gladly go back for more.