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Top Ten Albums of 2000
invasions from overseas

2000 has come to a close, and with it the 20th Century. Find out what were the best albums we heard in this closing year. Was it Limp Bizkit? Christina Aguilera? Nope - this year had some great stuff... if you knew where to look.

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Top Ten Hip-Hop Albums of 2000
the urban dance squad keeps it real

2000 was a rather uneventful year in hip-hop, or at least in quality hip-hop; unless you went underground. There were, however some gems that any hip-hop fan shouldnt' do without. And some of them were on MTV... which goes to show that MTV doesn't suck 100%... Only 99.9%

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Sometimes the Best Music is the Hardest to Find
a taste of new music by Torben Floor

Torben Floor just may be the best band you have never heard. Their style is a mix of Radiohead, Bob Dylan, and Neil Young. Read for exclusive info on their new work as well as download 2 unreleased tracks on mp3!

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Madonna - American Pie
A Modern Version of a Classic Song

Madonna has taken this classic piece of music and transformed it into a modern style that has sparked controversy, something Madonna is accustom to.

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Tori Amos : The Faerie Queen
A Look Back at a Decade of Tori

Tori has become a veritable force for women in music. Her music has touched some and moved others. Join us as we take a look back at a decade of Tori.

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Michael R. Smith's Lists of the Last 1/4 Century
What Was Hot the Last 25 Years

One of our pop music reviewers, Michael R. Smith shares his lists of what he felt were the best albums over the last 25 years, including his top four from 1999.

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Look B4 U Crossover
A Social Commentary on Crossovers in Music

Guest writer Sofia Quintero takes a look at crossing over of ethnic and racial lines in music today. Focusing on stars such as Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin, but also going deeper into the issues.

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Payola Crayola
A Commentary of Sorts

Guest writer Kenny Love tackles the world of Payola - a world in which the rich artist (or record label) survives through under-the-table methods of purchasing favors. A look at the dirty side of the music industry - and how to avoid being caught up in it.

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Video Created the Revenue Star
How MTV Works with Major Record Labels to Create Stars

MTV has become a driving force in the music industry. Those artists embraced by this music television mogul enjoy increased sales, as they are pushed into the mainstream. Find out what goes on behind the scenes, and why MTV exposure has become vital to the survival of a music artist.

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Grammy's Three Rules to Live By
A Handy Guide to the Grammys

If you have been watching the Grammys for the past five years, (and if you have, you must REALLY love awards shows), you might have noticed that when it comes to handing out Grammys, there are three basic rules to live by...

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The Grammy Winners of 1999
Complete List

Wednesday, February 24th marked the 1999 Grammy Awards show. Hosted by Rosie O'Donnel and including performances by Alanis Morissette, Luciano Pavarotti, and Madonna. A complete list of the winners.

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Classical Music is Today
What exactly is classical music?

In response to Billy's article about the future of music (link). Reader John J. Ryan has made some important points we all need to take in. The main rule a lot of people don't get is this - Classical Music is music that we still listen to today, not just any old music.

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A Retroactive Musical Progression
What is the future of music?

Editor in chief, Billy, shares his ideas on where music has been, where it is now, and where it may be going. Why is swing such a big hit, but why will it die out just as quickly? The music scene changes faster than we can keep up, maybe there is reasoning behind it. But then again, maybe it is just an organized chaos.

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