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Top Ten Albums 2003
ninja jihad

by: bill aicher

So 2003 has come to a close and 2004 is underway... it's about time we take a look back and see what albums rocked our socks off this last year in our annual Editor's Choice Top Ten Albums listing. So peruse our list, but before you shake your fists because your favorite album didn't make our top ten, be sure to also check out our top ten albums that didn't make our top ten list.

Music-Critic.com's Top Ten Albums of 2003.

The Darkness

Number 10en
The Darkness
Permission to Land

Amidst all the hubbub about the return of rock music with The White Stripes' critically lauded Elephant, there was an even bigger return to rock with The Darkness's brand of 70s and 80s metal revival on Permission to Land. If you really want to RAWK, dig this.
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Nada Surf

Number 9ine
Nada Surf
Let Go

Although most people remember Nada Surf for their mid-90s geek-rock song, Popular, they were easily forgotten by their sub-par sophomore effort. However, with Let Go, Nada Surf showed they were quite underestimated, as they put forth some of the most heartfelt pop rock ever to come pouring out of your speakers.


Damien Rice

Number 8ight:
Damien Rice

There are singer songwriters, and then there's Damien Rice - who's debut album is something any singer songwriter should be aspiring too. Draw-dropping tunes, emotionally wrenching lyrics, and a delivery to die for. If you wanted something simply beautiful this year, O was the way to go.
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Over the Rhine

Number 7even:
Over the Rhine

Despite it's detractors, alt.country can, at times, be one of the truest forms of musical self-exploration, as Over the Rhine's double-disc triumph, Ohio proves within it's first 30 seconds. An absolutely stunning trip throughout, with a defining moment when we meet Jesus while drinking bloody marys in the South.



Number 6ix:

Grandaddy have always tended to explore the good and bad of our societal integration with technology vs. our natural roots, but Sumday finds the band finally building a full collection of tremendous songs... whether you take a look at their message or not.



Number 5ive:
Think Tank

The departure of guitarist Graham Coxon from Blur seemed like it could be the death knell for the group. Thankfully, Think Tank proved that Blur had so much more up their sleeve than anyone ever really gave them credit for. This is the album Radiohead should have made this year, but didn't.


Fountains of Wayne

Number 4our:
Fountains of Wayne
Welcome Interstate Managers

The commercial success of Stacy's Mom was surprising, to say the least. Even more surprising was the fact that for this album, Fountains of Wayne received a Grammy nomination for best new artist - despite the fact this is their third release, and their first NOT on a major label. Still, it is their best to date. A superb collection of funny, yet truthful pop songs.
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Junior Senior

Number 3hree:
Junior Senior
D-d-don't Stop the Beat

The evil squirrel in Shynola's video for Junior Senior's "Move Your Feet" was, by far, the video villain of the year... and Junior Senior's debut collection of wonderful dancey delights was, by far, the party disc of the year. It's fun, and that's about it. But it's REALLY fun.
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The Postal Service

Number 2wo:
The Postal Service
Give Up

Chances are, if you're into music even just a bit, someone this year asked you "have you heard The Postal Service yet?" The collaboration between Jimmy Tamborello of Dntel and Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie found a home throughout the record collection of fans of electronic, post-punk, new wave, emo rock, and more with its unique approach to electronic music.
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Super Furry Animals

Number 1ne:
Super Furry Animals
Phantom Power

Whether you agree with Gruff Rhys's political views or not, Super Furry Animals proved, once again, that political and social commentary, along with a dose of oddity, can make for a brilliant album. Combinations of Beach Boys pop song writing and elements of country, rock, and electronic music made Phantom Power our Editor's pick for album of the year.
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