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The Beta Band
concert reviews:
The Rave
city: milwaukee, wi
date: 04.19.02
Hutchinson Field
city: chicago, il
date: 08.01.01

opening act for Radiohead
Interview with John Maclean of The Beta Band
We interview the Beta Band's piano & decks man to get a feel for where the band is coming from and where they're going next.
album reviews:
Hot Shots II
label: astralwerks
released: 04.19.02
our score: 3.5 out of 5.0

artist information:
Hailing from Scotland, this foursome's first album proper was a critical and personal failure. However, this self-titled album was quickly forgotten with the release of their second full-length - Hot Shots II. Focusing on a combination of musical styles from Hip-Hop to Reggae to jam-rock, The Beta Band have quickly become a critics favorite.

The band's most notable work, however, is their rerelease of their first three EPs - entitled The Three EPs. Newcomers to the band are best picking up this disc, featuring the now-classic "Dry the Rain." This is a band still working to find it's best work, which will be fabolous given what they've done so far.

On The Web:
Official Beta Band Site