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Torben Floor
concert reviews:
Reed St. Station
city: milwaukee, wi
date: 03.31.01
album reviews:
label: beautyrock records
released: early 2002
our score: 4.0 out of 5.0
Live Music in the Apartment
label: waterdog records
released: 04.13.99
our score: 4.0 out of 5.0
The Best Music is Sometimes the Hardest to Find
A taste of new music by Torben Floor, including a review of their show at the Annex in Madison.

artist information:
Ottowa, IL. Magic happens there. It's true. It's the place where Torben Floor, one of the most unbelievable acts you have never heard of hails from.

Take Radiohead, Dylan, Jeff Buckley, and Neil Young, combine them, and then you have an idea of what this promising act is capable of - some of the most amazing rock being produced in the United States today.

Their debut album, Live Music in the Apartment was only recorded on a little 4-track recorder, but the band can't even keep a stock of them... they are always selling out. That says something.


Booking Info:
Gary Taylor Management
PO Box 48634
Bentall Centre
Vancouver, BC Canada V7X1A7

phone: 604.931.7759

email: drock@sprint.ca

On The Web:
Official Torben Floor Site
Our Interview With Gary Taylor, the Band's Manager