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Buy Right Thurr

Right Thurr

from the album: Jackpot
single released: 09.09.03

find Chingy lyrics and sheet music at musicnotes.com!
translating the hits for the masses
by: the munk

Following in the infamous trend catapulted into popularity by Jay-Z's "Izzo" song, Right Thurr" found it's immense draw.from kitschy pronunciation alteration, most notably the song's title itself... the slurred extension of "Thurr" (as in "There"). It wasn't really all that brilliant.. but whatever. It's pop rap music, so not much else in it was either. Don't believe us? Read our translation of the lyrics to Right Thurr by Chingy below.

Original Lyrics broken/doWn

Uh, hey dirty, (what?)
Look at that girl right there (oh)
She make me say
Ooh, ooh, (yeah) ooh, ooh, (hey) do what you do


listen, dirty…(yes?)
take a look at that woman over there…(wow)
she prompts me to exclaim
oh, yeah…oh, yeah…oh, yeah, you should continue exhibiting the same behavior you currently exhibit

I like the way you do that right thurr (right thurr)
Switch your hips when you're walkin', let down you're hurr (let down your hurr)
I like the way you do that right thurr (right thurr)
Lick your lips when you're talkin', that make me stare

I am content with what you are doing
I enjoy the movement of your body when you walk, please take your hair down
What you are doing right now is good
It fascinates me when you moisten your lips with your tongue while speaking to me and it makes it difficult for me to look away from you

I like the way you look in them pants, see ya fine (fine)
Lil momma a quarter piece, she far from a dime (dime)
The type of girl that'll getcha' up and go make you grind (grind)
I'm thinkin' about snatchin' her up, dirty, makin' her mine
Look at her hips, (what?) look at her legs, ain't she stacked? (stacked)
I sure wouldn't mind hittin' that from the back (back)
I like it when I touch it cuz she moan a l'il bit
Jeans saggin' so I can see her thong a l'il bit
I know you grown a little bit, twenty years old, you legal
Don't trip off my people, just hop in the regal
I swooped on her like an eagle swoopin' down on its prey
I know you popular, but you gon' be famous today

[Repeat Chorus 2x] 

You look wonderful in the pants that you are wearing
You are the kind of girl that is worth spending money on - high rollers would be happy to pay for sex with you.
The type of woman that will get you on the dance floor and inspire you to cut loose
I am contemplating the idea of making her my girl
Can’t you see that she has an incredible figure with those legs and hips
I wouldn’t be displeased if she was to invite me to make love to her from behind
I get excited when she lets me know that I am pleasuring her by making sexually suggestive noises
The way that her pants are hanging I can easily view her skimpy underpants.
I know that you are a legal adult now
Don’t be annoyed by my soul group, just get into the car
Like a predator to it’s prey, I took control of her
I made an infamous woman out of a somewhat popular girl

[Repeat Chorus 2x] 


She be shoppin' in Frontenac
Just look at her front and back
Man she so stacked and she know that I want that
Her man, he's so whacked girl can i taste yo cat
Gave her three hundred to strip, like buyin' a throwback
She stay in the club,(club) I can be seein' she got it honest
In real life, girl remind me of Pocahontas
She be at events, (yeah) so I'm impressed when she pass (yeah)
All the high rollin' cats wanna pay for that ass
Ain't no half steppin', (steppin') she strapped wit a nice weapon (weapon)
Trick, it's against the law for her to move them hips
If you ever seen her dirty, your mouth gon' drop
Worldwide fools probably tell you this off tops

[Repeat Chorus 2x]


She likes to shop in Frontenac
Take a look at her breasts and posterior
She is aware of her beauty and knows that I am attracted to her
The man that you are involved in a relationship is totally ridiculous, but I would like to perform cunnilingus on you regardless.
I gave her 300 dollars for her to remove her clothing in a seductive manner
She spends a lot of time in dance clubs and she truly is beautiful
Seriously, she reminds me of the Native American princess Pocahontas
When ever I see her out in social situations I am usually impressed by how incredible she looks
Men around her try to lure her into their arms with money
But to no surprise, she has what they want
It should be illegal for her to move the way she does when she walks
If you ever have the chance to witness her acting naughty, I am confident that you will be shocked
Even idiots all over the world know this and will be sure to mention it right away

[Repeat Chorus 2x]


I like the way she doin' that (c'mon)
Plus I like it when she bring it back (say it)
Ooh, (uh-huh) ooh, ooh, ooh, (uh-huh) do what you do (whoo)
I like the way she doin' that (c'mon)
Plus I like it when she bring it back (say it)
Ooh, (uh-huh) ooh, ooh, ooh, (uh-huh) do what you do (who0)

Gimme what you got for a pork chop (uh)
She threw it at me like I was a short-stop (uh)
Workin' in a Fatty Girl Halter Top
Then she back it up on me and let it drop (drop)
Make it hop (boing) like a bunny (bunny)
Girl can I touch you where it's sunny
Her appearance will make you give her some money
She should pose for Sports Illustrated
It's like a picture perfect site
When she pass all the other girls hate it
(But I...)

[Repeat Chorus 2x]


It makes me sexually excited when she does what she does
And I like the way her behind looks
Yes, girl…do that thing that you do
I really admire the things that she does
And they way she does them

Give me some cash for what I want
My lady tossed me the money as if I were a base-ball player
Wearing her name brand halter top
She moved her deriere near me and moved it around in a seductive manner
She made it move up and down as if it were an excited descendant of the rodent
Darling, may I touch your warm spots?
Or better yet, can I take your hard earned cash and give it to another woman
She is so gorgeous that she could even pose for the Sports Illustrated swim suit edition
That is because she is so beautiful that she is nearly flawless
So attractive in fact, that when she walks by other women are jealous of her good looks
Me on the other hand…

[Repeat Chorus 2x]

I like that (uh-huh)
I like that (uh-huh)
I like that (uh-huh)
I like that (Track stars)
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, do what you do
I like that (yeah)
I like that (yeah)
I like that (yeah)
I like that (Chingy)
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, do what you do

If you don’t believe me
I will tell you over and
Over again
That I enjoy the
Way that you look
And yes,
I also enjoy the way that you move

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