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What's Luv?
Fat Joe feat. Ashanti & Ja Rule

from the album: Jealous Ones Still Envy (J.O.S.E.)
released: 12.04.01

translating the hits for the masses

Modern rap music is nothing short of poetry - the sweet rhymes of love in bloom permeate the air when these songs are played. Fat Joe's latest hit "What's Luv?" is no exception. Or is it...

Original Lyrics broken/doWn

[Fat Joe]
Put the fuckin' mic on
Mic is on
Joe Crack the Don uh
Yeah, Yeah, Y'All
Irv Gotti

[Fat Joe]
Turn on the microphone
The microphone is on
I am the man in charge
Oh yeah,
Did I mention how cool I am?

What's love?

[Fat Joe]
Ashanti, Terror, Terror Squad
It should be about us
Be about trust

What is this intangible, subjective emotional state we call "love?"

[With Ashanti]
Ashanti, terror, terror squad
Love should be about the two of us
Love should be about having a divine trust between us


[Chorus: Ashanti, Ja Rule, and Fat Joe]
What's love? (Got to do, got to do with it babe) {Yeah, Yeah, Y'All}
What's love?
It's about us {It's about us}
It's about trust babe {Be about trust}
What's love? (Got to do, got to do with it babe) {Yeah, Yeah, Uh}
What's love?
It should be about us {It should be about us}
It should be about trust babe {Be about trust}
What's love?

[Chorus: Ashanti, Ja Rule, and Fat Joe]
What does love have to do with it, honey?
What is love anyways?
Love should be about togetherness
And it should be about complete understanding


[Fat Joe]
Yeah, yeah, uh, uh, woo, yeah, slow down baby
Let you know from the gate I don't go down lady
I wanna chick with thick hips
That licks her lips
She can be the office type or like to strip
Girl you get me aroused how you look in my eye
But you talk to much man your ruinin' my high
Don't wanna lose the feelin'
Cause the roof is chillin'
It's on fire & you lookin'
Good for the gettin'
I'm rida
Other in a hoodie or a linner I'ma provider
You should see the jewelery on my women
& I'm livin' it up
The squad stay feelin' the truck
With Chicks that's willin' to triz with us uh
You say you gotta man & your in love
But what's love
Gotta do with a little menage
After the party
Just me & you
Could just slide for a few
& she could come too
That's love!

Repeat Chorus

[Fat Joe]
Okay, wait a second.
I will make you aware right away that I don't perform oral sex.
I am sexually attracted to a woman with a curvaceous figure
Who moistens her lips with her tongue
Conservative or skanky-I don't discriminate
Lady, when you gaze into my eyes I get very excited
But once you open your mouth, it's all over
I want to feel this way forever
I'm at the top of my game and it's great
Living this life is good and it seems like you
Want to get it on
Did I mention how cool I am?
It doesn't matter if you wear expensive clothes right now or not because
You wouldn't believe the expensive jewels that I give to my female friends
Damn, my life is good
I have my friends in my gas-guzzling vehicle
And there are women that want to sleep with us
You say that you are currently in a relationship and that you have developed feelings for your significant other
But what does that have to do with me getting my freak on with you and another nameless woman simultaneously?
After this little soiree
You and I could spend a little time together
Getting to "know each other better"
Oh yeah - that above mentioned nameless woman could join us!
Now that's what I call 'love'.

Repeat Chorus

[Fat Joe]
Yeah, uh, yeah, yo, mommy, I know you got issues
You gotta man
But you need to understand
That you got something with you
Ass is fat, frame is little
Tattoo in your chest with his name in the middle
Uh, I'm not a hater I just crush a lot
& the way you shake your booty I don't want you to stop
You Need to come a little closer (You need to come a little closer)
& let me put you under my arm like a Don is supposed ta
(Like a Don is supposed ta)
Please believe
You leave with me
We'd be freakin' all night like we was on E
You need to trust the god & jump in the car
For a little hard 8 at the Taj Mahal
What's love?

Repeat Chorus

[Fat Joe]
So yes, I know you have an internal conflict going on
You are dating someone else and you don't want to betray him
But, I want you to know
That I think you're special
You're skinny with a big butt
You have been permanently branded as your boyfriend's possession
I'm not jealous; I just have a tendency to insult other men
I am really enjoying the provocative way you are dancing
Why don't you get a little bit closer to me
So I can cuddle you the way in which a man of power displays his affection.
Rest assured-if you come home with me
We will make love all night as if we ingested some ecstasy
Our chariot awaits if you want to come with me for a romp in my palace.
Wait-what's this song about again?? Oh yeah- what is love?

Repeat Chorus

[Joe, Ashanti]
Yeah, uh, yo, I stroll in the club with my hat down
Michael Jack style
Hot 7 who the mack now?
Not my fault cause they love the kid
Ma be the chain or the whip
I don't know what it is
We just party & bullshit
Come on mommy put your body in motion
You gotta nigga open
You came here with the heart to cheat
So you need to sing the song with me
All my ladies come on
[Joe, Ashanti]
I walk into the dance club with my cap covering my eyes
Like Michael Jackson did
Damn I AM cool
I can't help it if everyone else thinks I'm cool too
It could be because of my fashionable accessories,
I'm not quite sure.
My friends and I have a good time and talk about important social issues
Lady, I think you should start dancing
I'm ready for anything
You arrived here with the possibility of infidelity on your mind
So join me in song
Every female is welcome.

[Ashanti feat. Fat Joe]
When I look in your eyes there's no stoppin' me
I want the Don Joey Crack on top of me (Uh-huh)
Don't want your stacks (Yeah)
Just break my back (Uh)
Gonna cut you no sack (Whoo)
Cause I'm on it like that (Uh, Come On)
Come on (Yeah, Yeah, Y'All) & put it (Yeah, Yeah, Y'All)
on me (Put it on ya Girl) on me (I'm put it on ya Girl)

Repeat Chorus 2x

[Ashanti feat. Fat Joe]
Gazing into the windows of your soul, I can't stop myself
I want this grotesquely large man on top of me
I don't want your money
Just make incredible love to me
I'm not going to let you go
Because I am into our 'relationship' that much

Repeat Chorus 2x

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