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Buy Pain Is Love

Always On Time
Ja Rule feat. Ashanti

from the album: Pain Is Love
released: 10.02.01
buy it: here

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These days it seems that Ja Rule is appearing on nearly every hot hip-hop track to top the charts. J-Lo, Mary J. Blige, and this week's breakdown "Always On Time" with Ashanti. But what the hell is he talking about? Is he truly as hardcore as he appears to be? Or is there a fluffy little bunny beneath his tough exterior. Read on and decide for yourself...

Original Lyrics broken/doWn

[Chorus (Ashanti)]
Baby, I'm not always there when you call, but I'm always on time
And I gave you my all, now baby be mine
I'm not always there when you call, but I'm always on time
And I gave you my all, now baby be mine

Darling, I may not always be available when you attempt to contact me. I am however, punctual.
I put all of my energy into this relationship, will you please stay true to me.
As I said earlier, there will be times when I'm not around, but when we have a date set up I won't be late for it.
I put all my enerty into this relationship, I'd love it if you would be my significant other.

[ja Rule]
C'mon and get a piece of this late-night lover
You know, the one that swing dick like no other (shit)
I know, I got a lot of things I need to explain
But baby you know the name and love is about pain
So, stop the complaints and drop the order restraints
Our sex life's a game so bat me down in the paint
'Cause I can't wait no more
'Cause it's about a quarter-past three and shorty's eyein me
I got the Bentley valeted
And I'm just outside of Jersey, past the Palisades
And I love to see that ass in boots and shades
Hold down on the bed while I'm yankin your braids
Thug style, you never thought I'd make you smile
While I'm smackin your ass and fuckin you all wild

[With Ashanti]
But we share somethin so rare, but who cares, you care

Repeat Chorus

[Ja Rule]
I would like to invite you to spend some time in the evening with me.
You know me, I'm the one that all the other neighborhood wives gossip about amongst each other.
I know that there are a few things that haven't been clear in our relationship.
Sweetheart, you understood this affair might involve some heartache;
There's no need to get upset or call the police.
But if you want to have sex tonight, you need to tell me soon because I'm ready,
I can't wait around forever.
My watch reads 2:45 and the girl in the corner obviously wants me to take her home.
I have my Bentley parked in the lot, and it's ready to go.
It's only a quick drive to my house.
We can dress you up; I have a fetish for scantily-clad women wearing boots and sunglasses.
Whilst I pull your hair, you may want to keep a firm grip on the bed so as to remain in place.
I'm a bad boy, I bet you never thought I'd lead you to orgasm
Damn, I'm a sexual deviant…

[With Ashanti]
What we've just done is sacred. Well, at least to you it is.

Repeat Chorus


[Ja Rule]
Girl, get a grip, c'mon, pull it together
It's only a sunshower, we been through worse weather
Like the stormy nights you wrote a "Dear Ja" letter
And took my Benz and keyed and cut the leather
Bitch, you know better, we live M-O-B
Money Over Bitches, Murder, I-N-C
I got two or three hoes for every B
And I keep 'em drugged up off that ecstasy
I'm a playground legend like Kirk with Pee-wee
Name a nigga in the league got more game than me
I play hard, there's so many women I fathered
Meet 'em with scars and send 'em home hot and bothered
Truth or dare, this life ain't apparantly fair
And a love with no glare is a crystal stare
[with Ashanti]
But we share
somethin so rare, but who cares, you care

Repeat Chorus

[Ja Rule]
Woman, you need to be calm and relax.
This might be rough, but we've gotten through much tougher times than these,
Such as those nights when you tried to leave. (note the pun I used here on the "Dear John" cliché. Aren't I clever?)
Yes, the nights where you stole and vandalized my fancy car.
You spiteful woman, you knew the rules when we started.
Guys like me prefer greed to lust.
I can get other girls; you're not the only one. I have two or three women for every car I own.
I give them plenty of "aphrodisiacs" to ensure their desire.
Even the little kids know about me, because I'm that cool.
If you refer to love as a game of basketball, it would be wise to note I am a top-rated professional.
Wilt Chamberlain has nothing on me.
Sometimes when I meet a girl, she's hurting. A night of sex with me makes her feel alive.
Life's a bitch.
Yes, I know this line doesn't really make much sense. But I needed a line that rhymed with "fair."
[with Ashanti]
Our love is something special, regardless of the drama we've endured, and we both care about each other.

Repeat Chorus


[Ja Rule]
Oh I'm, feelin like ya livin a, double life
'Cause you don't be comin home, sometimes
Baby, but you're always, on time, checkin for one time
You and I, got a special bond together
We go back like bombers boo, in the coldest weather
And when I play you play the same way you freak me baby I fuck you crazy
Then I'm gone
Baby don't really want me to get up and leave off that easy
She'll be wakin up wet for sheezy
Remind these bitches to mind they business
Believe me, this pimp game is very religious
And I'm built like the Don Bishop
Gon' keep this money-green Benz and my hoes as my witness
The life we share is a thug affair
[With Ashanti]
But who cares, you care

Reapeat Chorus

Chorus (slightly altered)


[Ja Rule]
There are times I worry you may be cheating on me
since there are nights you don't come home.
But darling, when we do have plans you are always there on time.
We have a special relationship.
You and I, we go way back. Remember how cool bomber jackets used to be? That's us.
We have awesome sex because you're a sexual deviant like I am.
Once we're done I'm out the door before you know it.
But this chick wants me to spend the night. She won't let me just hit it and leave.
When she wakes up she's going to want sex again since I'll be turning her on all night just by being here.
Man, these women need to leave me alone.
I might sound like I'm falling in love, but that's not the case. I'm only in this for the sex. Getting laid every night is serious work, like that of a priest.
And me, I'm basically the Pope.
I'm a true pimp. I have an expensive car and a lot of women, which proves this beyond a doubt.
Honestly, I'm not the kind of guy that falls in love.

Repeat Chorus

Chorus (slightly altered)

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