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Buy Irv Gotti Presents

Ja Rule feat. Ashanti
Down 4 U

from the album: Irv Gotti Presents The Inc.
released: 07.02.02

find Ja Rule lyrics and sheet music at musicnotes.com!
translating the hits for the masses
by: the munk

Collaborations are the name of the game in popular rap music these days - even more so now than ever before. The biggest difference is that Murder Inc. won't just go away like Bad Boy did (especially after Mase quit music to be a preacher... what was up with that?) Anyway - you wanted it and here it is... our translation of the latest piece of pop to hit the fan - "Down 4 U" by Ja Rule and Ashanti (and everyone else for that matter).

Original Lyrics broken/doWn

Ja Rule, Vita, Charlie Baltimore, Ashanti…
Fat Joe, All Murder Inc…
Irv Gotti, Chris, TNT…

Yeah, this is our new track
Me, my girls
Obese Joe, all on my record label, Murder, Inc.
Some more of my male friends that are also on my label

I wanna be your chick
I wanna be down for you
(Do ya trust me?) Yeah
(Love me?) Yeah
(You're puttin' it on me Ya must be)
Ya down ass chick
I wanna be your chick
(It ain't only for the RULE baby)
I ride for u, Down for u
Do anything ya want me to
I be ya down ass chick

I would like be your female companion
I want to be there for you when you need me
(do you put trust in me?) yeah
(do you have strong emotional ties to me) yeah
You make me feel as though you do
I will be the woman that is there for you
I want to be the lady in your life
(it's not only for me that you are there)
I will travel to be with you, be behind you 100 percent
I will do whatever you need me to do for you
I am the girl that you need me to be


[Ja Rule]
This chick no intentions of bein' offensive
The women by callin ya'll bitches
My down ass bitches
Still my queen bitch's cut look clean
On ya finger next to the finger ya flipped at me
And this no in between me and you
Only me and you
Who else gon' put it on me like the RULE
God only looks after children and foo's
And you not so who gon' look after you
It's RULE baby

[Ja Rule]
This girl with me has no intentions of being rude
When I refer to you as a 'bitch'-(not at female dog)
The ladies that are always there for me
The woman that I hold in the highest respect has a ring with a very nice cut to it
On her ring finger, the one next to the finger that you throw up when you were mad at me
And this is only known between the two of us
No one else
Who else is going to treat you as well as I do?
The Lord only watches over youngsters and idiots
And you don't fall into either one of these categories
So who is going to be there to watch over you?
Me, that's who!

True baby
It's only for you baby
Vita thighs only divide if you beside
Cuz I love the way you touch me
Nobody can get it
And if it's comin' and gunnin'
Just come in it and spit it
So when ya gone for a minute
I just fantasize like if it's you It's all in it
Then I'm satisfied til' you come back to me
Holdin stack and jewels
V-i-t-a and my nigga J-a RULE baby


That's right, darling
I only give my love to you, my sweet
And the only one that I engage in sexual intercourse with is you, love
That is because you touch me the way that I like
No one but you can make me feel that way
And if you want 'it' and you are ready
Then enter and let yourself go
So if you are ever out of my company for a while
I just think about the times that we are together
And that fulfills me until your return
With your money and gems
Me and my beautiful black man, Ja Rule, baby.



I'm gonna be here when ya need
RULE baby can always count on me
No you don't ever have to worry
You know I'll make it in a hurry
I'm here for ya
And I wont never leave tears for ya
Cuz boy ya got to me
Nobody ever come before me
You'll always be my one and only

I will be close by when you need me to be
Ja Rule, you can always depend on me to be there for you
You never have to ponder whether or not I am true
If I am away I will make it back to you a.s.a.p!
I am supportive of you emotionally and physically
I will never do anything to make you cry
This is because you have had an effect on me
No one has ever made me re-evaluate if I am the most important person like you have
You will forever be the only one for me

[Ja Rule (Ashanti)]
Babygirl would ya bust ya gun with me? (Yeah yeah)
Lie to the feds to come get me? (Yeah Yeah)
And if I died Kill for me? (Yeah Yeah)
Are you trustin me? (Yeah Yeah)
Are you lovin me? (Yeah Yeah Yeah)
Yeah let's get it grinnin
Like we asked for the Simpsons or Ike and Anna Mehoe
On one their good days
You smile like sun rays 5'5 with brown eyes and thick legs
Only for the RULE baby


[Ja Rule (Ashanti)]
Lady, would you shoot your gun for me? (of course!)
Would you deceive government agencies that are questioning you about me? (you know it!)
Would you avenge my death? (you shouldn't even have to ask.)
Do you have trust in me? (yes, darling!)
Do you love me? (yes, yes, yes!)
Then let's enjoy ourselves
Like when we watch an episode of the animated series The Simpson's or when Ike and Anna Mehoe
On one of their good days
Your smile is so bright like the sun, you height is 5 feet five inches, and you have muscular, yet smooth legs
And it's all mine!


[Charlie Baltimore]
Now baby I told you I can show you better than I can tell you
Don't try to bring conversey and mail
Just sweet words and naked photos
I'm still that pretty down down ass 2 cars behind ya 6
And I diss any clown ass rockin my brown ass only a down ass
And it's all for you
I'm grown a tad bit since we been at like rare bitches
To move a little bumper and it's
Shit Who gon' love you like that?
Thug with you wit a stack to the ceilin
And spilt in the dub with you
Cuz I played my position with KO-D's, O G's
Until that blood shed blood red and we O-Ded
Remember every word that ya told me
All you need in your life is Chuck, drugs, and dubs on 22's
Now tell me who the hunny for you

[Chorus x2]

[Charlie Baltimore]
Sweetheart, I told you that I can not express myself verbally as well as I could with actions
If you are interested in me, then do not bother with sending me mail and whatnot
If you really want to excite me, then I suggest whispering sweet nothings and passing me nude photos of yourself
I'm rolling right behind you with my 2 cars while you have a half dozen vehicles.
And im quick to dismiss any guy who is trying to impress me
Because you are the only man for me
I have grown as a person since we started spending time together
(Ja Rule: and it's all for me!!!)
seriously, who could give you love like I do?
Who would run around with you and have money in bunches that reach the ceiling
And I would split it in half with you
Because I payed my dues with gangstas and thugs
Until we bled together and over dosed
Remember what you told me
(Ja Rule: what you showed me, how you hold me..)
All you need in your life is me, some good herbs, and some shiny chrome rims on some large tires.
Now tell me who is the woman for you…
I am!

[Chorus x2]

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