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Buy Live Like You Were Dying

Tim McGraw
Live Like You Were Dying
label: Curb Records
our score: 3.0 out of 5.0

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How Bad Do You Want It?
by: julie oehme

How bad should you want Tim McGraw's latest work of art? The opening track "How Bad Do You Want It?" sets the mood for what is a classic, and what, for me, was an unexpected journey back to what can be considered a more typical country sound than his last album. As a true Tim McGraw fan, I will be the first to admit that it took several good listens to this album before I warmed up to it. But, McGraw has yet again managed to give his fans a collection of humor and heart wrench that you can't help but want to listen to again and again.

Having viewed McGraw's last album, Tim McGraw and the Dancehall Doctors, as having a sound more appealing to the masses while managing to uphold the fundamentals of country music, I feel Live Like... is an album that will appeal more to the true country music fan verses a "cross over" fan, with tracks like "Do You Want Fries With That" and "Back When". It is in finding the fun and intended humor in songs such as these that allow for virtually anyone to appreciate them in some way. (Who can't find the humor in the lyrics "back when a hoe was a hoe and a screw was a screw"?)

What makes McGraw such a phenomenal performer, country fan or not, is his ability to take a simple lyrical composition and, in the delivery of it, burn it beautifully into your memory before you even realize what's happened to you. "Blank Sheet of Paper" and "My Old Friend" are both simple songs that McGraw makes warm and memorable and are tracks that you will play over and over again. Of course, the album would not be complete without the huge hit "Live Like You Were Dying". It is an amazing song that will make you want to live and love more, even if for a moment.

I am giving this album a 3 out of 5, not because it isn't a solid collection of songs, but because it does not match the magnitude of appeal and longevity of his last album, which I still haven't taken out of my most-played rotation of disks.
06-Oct-2004 9:13 PM

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1. How Bad Do You Want It
2. PMy Old Friend
3. Can't Tell Me Nothin'
4. Old Town New
5. Live Like You Were Dying
6. Drugs Or Jesus
7. Back When
8. Something's Broken
9. Open Season On My Heart
10. Everybody Hates Me
11. Walk Like A Man
12. Blank Sheet Of Paper
13. Just Be Your Tear
14. Do You Want Fries With That
15. Kill Myself
16. We Carry On