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Special Guest: Monkey

Hell No, Napster Won't Go!

Editor's Note: Duncan has gone missing since the disappointing Christmas he had this past December. Most all of his wishes went unfulfilled. Although we did hear him mutter something about Coldplay playing Chicago... maybe we will hear back from him after the show. For the time being, CriticsNest.com Vice President, Sock Monkey, has brought in a few friends. Try not to take them too seriously. They are just a bunch of crazy apes. Probably alcoholics too.

So, I assume you heard the news about Napster. In case you didn't, here is a quick recap. On Monday, February 12, 2001 the 9th Circuit Court ruled in favor of the record companies in the Napster decision. Napster can continue to operate until the lower court rewrites the injunction, as it was deemed too broad in its current state. However, according to this new ruling, Napster may be found responsible for breaking copyright laws for knowingly contributing to piracy. Right now it looks like they may be forced to pay fines for every song made available on the Napster network that has been deemed copyright protected by a record label. And this will financially cripple the company.

I don't get it. I think music should be free. Who cares if musicians starve? They are all rich arent' they? There is obviously no such thing as a struggling musician. These people don't rely on music as their career, their livelihood. All musicians are borne into a world of fancy cars and a continual cash flow. They don't work the clubs for years hoping for that big break. They don't tour constantly trying to make a name for themselves.

Besides, it isn't like producing an album has any costs. Studio time is free, as is record company A&R, publicity, art direction, production, mixing, and packaging. Musicians don't have to pay for new instruments, they don't have to pay for their homes, they don't have to provide for their families.

I want my music for free dammit. These people work hard so I can benefit, so I damn right should. One day the world will realize that I should be able to take what I want when I want it. No respect for others and their hard work - that is my motto.

Besides, CDs are so expensive to buy anyways. Obviously competing with people freely trading these works is sure to bring the prices down. The fact that cd sales may suffer due to this piracy won't force record companies to increase the cost of cds to make up for the losses they incur due to piracy. No, that would be craziness.

When will the record industry realize that it is my bitch - and I will do with it as I please?

- monkey

* The views and opinions expressed in the litterbox are the views of a cat and his animal friends, and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions held by Music-Critic.com or its subsidiaries.