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Buy Gettin' High On Your Own Supply

Apollo Four Forty
Gettin' High On Your Own Supply
label: sony / epic
released: 01.25.00
our score: 3.5 out of 5.
buy it: here

download Apollo Four Forty lyrics and sheet music
When I Say Dance, You Best Dance
by: peter naldrett

We're on the verge of a new millennium, an age that was supposed to have been full of bright ideas, personal spaceships and little booths where our favourite musicians play us one-on-one virtual concerts. What happened?

Somewhere along the way, the science-fiction predictions got well out of hand and we are all left with the comparatively boring state of life and the pop charts in 1999.

Enter Apollo Four Forty; gung-ho, ass-kicking electro-pop super-wizards who are about to blow the cobwebs away from the drab, contemporary morass of dance music once again. They did it when they proved themselves one of the first dance acts to play guitars live, they did it with last year's smash soundtrack single "Lost In Space," and they will do it again with their new album, Gettin' High On Your Own Supply.

From this ace CD's inception with the Jarre-esqu Intro, you know it's going to be something special, and the guitar-toting super-dance-theme "Stop The Rock" deserves recognition in its' own right as a single. The high point is the title track, a dramatic Bond-esque theme with maddened vocals and a quality that is sheer dream-like. If there is to be a criticism, it is that they seem to lose their way a little towards the end of the album, "Blackbeat," "Stadium Parking Lot" and "Yo Future" not being up to the earlier, high standards.

This is undoubtedly their finest moment to date, so there can only be one verdict: Get high on their supply! It certainly makes a change from the normal tedium out there.

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1. Are We A Rock Band Or What?
2. Stop The Rock
3. Crazee Horse
4. Cold Rock The Mic
5. Lost In Space (Theme)
6. For Forty Days
7. Heart Go Boom
8. The Machine In The Ghost
9. Blackbeat
10. Stadium Parking Lot
11. Yo! Future
12. High On Your Own Supply
13. The Perfect Crime