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Automated Acoustics
Ejector Seat Blues e.p.
Alternative Blueprint

our score: 5

Automated Acoustics - Ejector Seat Blues e.p.
by: Robin Antoni

The Automated Acoustics "Ejector seat blues e.p." is a bit of a rare treat. A dizzying blur of influences & genres clash to produce something that's anything except predictable. The record positively steams with emotion & quiet intensity. In general it leans toward the mellow side, although rough distorted electronic beats crawl in every so often. There is a very varied mix of instruments on there, with lots of cello - both bowed & plucked like a mini double bass, autoharp, kalimba (I think), guitar, brush drums & piano, flexing & mating with all manner of electronic trickery.

On most tracks there are vocals, but often these are more in the form of experimental textures & whoops - it works really well. There are some traditional verbal structures too, with a mix of ultra-dark lyrics reflecting violence, drug abuse & depression, but don't mistake me, with Automated Acoustics there's always a light at the end of the tunnel, and there is a positive, warm message to offset the shadow every time. This is obviously made by someone who's been through the mill & emerged! wiser & deeper - it really is highly charged stuff, and looks like it was all made by just one guy from the back cover. Because of the juxtaposition of influences it's hard to pin down the sound - think of a cross between Tom Waits, Aphex Twin, Frank Zappa & Future Sound of London & you'll be getting close. Good stuff & highly recommended for any far-out souls.