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Private Press." | Album Review. Music reviews - new albums reviewed.">
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DJ Shadow
Private Press
label: astralwerks
released: 06.26.01
our score: 3.5 out of 5.0

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The King of Samples
by: tom reiter

U.N.K.L.E., Quannum (Solesides), DJ Shadow, Josh Davis.

One man, many faces, many innovations. Like the man, Davis's music is based largely on samples from several influences, including hip-hop, electronica, rock, r&b, soul, and alternative. It's as though he views music like technology, he may not come up with tool, but he finds new ways to use what has already been developed; the art of sample based music.

With his third full release as DJ Shadow, The Private Press, Davis asserts himself as an artist ever pushing the envelope in his genre, and in musical creativity as whole. In "Giving Up The Ghost" Shadow relies on his characteristic organ. But this time around he layers it well beneath a driving snare and bass drum, which is further masked by a feather-light picked guitar. The combination results in an exhaustive contrast between light and dark, good and evil. "Six Days" continues with the darker side, exploring the grim look of war.

The second half of Private Press introduces the listener to a more energetic and playful DJ Shadow, with the break heavy "Right Thing/GDMFSOB" and the high strung "Mashin' On The Motorway."

Private Press does not contain any single standout cut. Each individual listener, however, will associate themselves with certain elements of the album, depending on their musical background. With Private Press, Davis continues his quest to inspire listeners and artists alike.
04-Sep-2002 12:30 AM

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1. Letter From Home
2. Fixed Income
3. Un Autre Introduction
4. Walkie Talkie
5. Giving Up The Ghost
6. Six Days
7. Mongrel...
8. ...Meets His Maker
9. Right Thing/GDMFSOB
10. Monosylabic
11. Mashin On The Motorway
12. Blood On The Motorway
13. You Can't Go Home Again
14. Letter From Home