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Groove Armada

label: Jive
released: 01.21.03
our score: 3.5 out of 5.0
buy it: here

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Over the River
by: john reed

While Groove Armada are best know for their sole hit, 2000’s club smash “I See You Baby,” they are not just another cog in the world of disposable dance song artists. The duo of Tom Findlay and Andy Cato expand on the techno sensations from their previous releases, Vertigo and Goodbye Country (Hello Nightclub) and delve into rap, reggae and even metal loaded guitar riffs on Lovebox.

While the CD opening “Purple Haze” (which has nothing to do with the Hendrix classic) lags, the drum driven “Madder” reels in shades of (circa ’96) Prodigy while “Final Shakedown” brims over with atmospheric beats and trip-hop lyrics. Not just intent on aggressive grooves, Lovebox also contains one of the paramount soul ballads of the year with the heartwrenching “Hands of Time.”

Some well chosen cameos from Woodstock survivor Richie Havens and the long time “missing in action” Neneh Cherry (who shines on the track “Groove Is On”) round out the eclectic and satisfying set.

With a reputation for meticulousness and stern focus, Findlay and Cato just may turn out to be the Steely Dan of the club world.
07-May-2002 3:30 PM

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1. Purple Haze
2. Groove Is On
3. Remember
4. Madder
5. Think Twice
6. Final Shakedown
7. Hands Of Time
8. Tuning In
9. Easy
10. Lovebox
11. But I Feel Good