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Dance Factory.">
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Louie DeVito
Dance Factory
label: Capitol Records
released: 06.04.02
our score: 2.0 out of 5.
buy it: here

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Shipped Pre-assembled
by: tom reiter

In the last few years, being a DJ has lost its luster as more and more people try to be the next John Digweed or Paul Oakenfold. This explosion in DJ population has been accompanied by an infuse of mix CD's. Some are basement quality, recorded live and unmastered. Some are completely done on the computer, mastered to a "T" and flawless, but almost fake.

So what makes Louie DeVito's latest mix effort stand appart from the rest? Nothing, it doesn't. DeVito, accompanied by Bad Boy Joe, compiles a mix of the satus quo of current chart burners and club movers. While the mixing doesn't miss a beat (probably due to hours of mastering), they could have used some more attention in the key matching department. The mix spans a typical night at the club, starting with some high energy slections to get everyone going, then some vocal-heavy tracks to keep the crowd's interest (although the choices are all similar and almost bore), followed by heavier late-night tracks. The albums is capped off by a megamix review by Bad Boy Joe.

For someone looking to entertain a house full of partygoers without investing in a DJ, this CD will tie them over for an hour or so if they are in the dancing mood. However, the artists featured will be the selling point of this album, not the man putting them together.
23-Jul-2002 3:00 PM

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1. Intro
2. Ian Van Dahl - Will I
3. Dee Dee - Forever
4. DJ Sammy and Yanou - Heaven
5. PPK - Resurrection
6. Safri Duo - Played A Live
7. Nicole McCloud - One Good Reason
8. Da Buzz - Let Me Love You Tonight
9. Tina Ann - Let Me Love You Tonight
10. Jinnel - When I'm With You
11. Rui Da Silva - Touch Me
12. Aubrey - Stand Still
13. Goldtrix f. Andrea Brown - Trippin'
14. Kim English - Everyday
15. Deborah Cox - Absolutely Not
16. Amber - Yes
17. Kim Sozzi - Feelin' Me
18. Green Velvet - La La Land
19. Modjo - Lady
20. Daft Punk - One More Time
21. Bad Boy Joe - Dance Factory Super Megamix