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Buy NYC Underground Party 5

Louie DeVito
NYC Underground Party 5
label: E-Lastik Recordings
released: 11.05.02
our score: 4.0 out of 5.
buy it: here

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New and Improved!
by: tom reiter

Louie DeVito has set a lofty goal for himself: to become the number one DJ in the U.S. It seems his game plan is to get his name out as much as he can, this being his seventh album and third this year. NYC Underground Party 5 includes two full cd's of non-stop mixed chart-burning dance music.

This time around DeVito executes each mix flawlessly. He knows the breaks like the back of his hand and does a better job of matching the two songs being mixed. Each disc progresses from a more vocalized, early night portion to a more tranced house, late night feel. Each disc is also topped off with a megamix recapping the playlist. There's enough beats to fill the night for two hours with solid dancing without stopping because of a lame song...there aren't any. Anyone that goes out to the clubs or listens to current house music will recognize many of the tracks DeVito has laid out.

For those of you that like straight up, no-frill mixed house music, NYC Underground Party 5 is a sure bet. And as for Louie DeVito, he's a great DJ, no doubt, but he'll have to become more creative to stand out from the rest and attain his goal.
13-Dec-2002 4:30 PM

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1. Monastic - Narcotix
2. E-ject - The Pressure
3. R.O.O.S. - Instant Moments
4. Pho - Sioux
5. Quo Vadis - Sonic Boom
6. The Moon - Sushi
7. Phasendreher - The Trip
8. Milky Way - Rock
9. Derb - Derb In Africa
10. Unix - Wild Pleasure
11. The Coach & The Player - Chemical Sangria
12. Liberty - Moonshine
13. Tropicana f. DJ Bert - Things To Come
14. GAZ - Acid Kills Your Brain
15. Mavor vs Mark Nails - Computer Revolution
16. Mach 2 - Poison
17. The D Devils - The Final Countdown
18. Toolboy - Fear The Drill