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Buy Trance Sessions

Louie DeVito
Trance Sessions
label: Capitol Records
released: 08.06.02
our score: 3.0 out of 5.
buy it: here

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Not Yo Momma's Trance
by: tom reiter

Louie DeVito, the NYC DJ rapidly becoming well known for his non-stop house mixes, has brought forth yet another mix CD. This time he attempts to venture into the genre of trance music, only he is slightly misguided in his use of the term "trance." Trance Sessions is more hard house than trance, so listeners beware.

Nonetheless, Trance Sessions offers an exciting mix of high energy music, residing mostly in the upper 130 bpm range. DeVito executes the mixes with more precision than seen on his previous albums, paying more attention to the breaks in the preceding track and the keys of the tracks being mixed. He does, however, tend to leave the bass levels a little too high when both tracks are present, which leads to slight distortion on the bottom end.

DeVito has made it easy for the casual dance music listener to get a taste the club scene with his mix albums, and he continues this trend with Trance Sessions, adding a bit of variety to his repertoire. But for die-hard eletronic music fans, Trance Sessions offers nothing stellar.
16-Sep-2002 11:00 PM

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