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A.D.A (Abstract Data Ark)
Polyphonic the Verbose
Audio 8 Records

our score: 3.5 out of 5

A.D.A (Abstract Data Ark)
by: Tim Wardyn

Polyphonic, or Polyphonic the Verbose to some, is like a combination of Moby and the Roots with a distinctly dissonant twist. The beats flow and make you contemplate every word (even if the lyrics are in the background like the anti-war "Rumors of a War"), but it is more electronic and diverse than anything you'll hear anywhere else. His solo debut "A.D.A. (Abstract Data Ark)" is a combination of a lot of genres all rolled into one electronic hip-hop 14-song serving.

"Out to Lunch" features the Lil' Kim-esque Psalm One testing the verbal speed limit against the hot stop rhythms put down by Polyphonic, while "Rumors of a War" brings an urban reggae flow and "Sun and Moon" tones it down with an ultra-cool ethereal jazzy funk similar to Us3 or Digable Planets.

"Land Rovers in the Video" showcases Polyphonic's mainstream and political side with a smooth flute driven beat and direct lyrics like "Black actors on the stage promote the white man's wealth" delivered by MartyMar.

"Orange Alert Mental Pattern" is by far the most experimental and annoying. I don't mind when an artist experiments with different sounds and rhythms (the group Pattern Is Movement has perfected experimentation), but when the song sounds like a skipping CD, that's when I have the uncontrollable urge to turn off my radio. Polyphonic has produced several records for other artists, namely the latest Pugzlee Atomz release. On "A.D.A," he does a great job of diversifying the sound and keeping it interesting without getting off the beaten path too much.