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Buy Touching Down

Roni Size
Touching Down
label: full cycle
released: November 2002
our score: 3.0 out of 5.0

buy it: here

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In Full Control
by: tom reiter

Roni Size is master of his domain, ruling over the drum 'n' bass world in his increasingly larger throne. This time he lays down the law taking full dictatorship of his latest release, Touching Down, by writing, producing, and mixing the entire album himself.

Touching Down includes tracks that Roni Size has featured during his DJ performances, such as "Sound Advice" and "Scrambled Eggs." "Forget me Knots" and "Vocoda Funk" are sure to become dancefloor regulars as well.

For dnb peasants, this is a royal feast that all are invited to partake in. Less experimental than Reprazement's New Forms, Touching Down is perfectly executed dnb, brimming with dark, menacing beats thar are continuously dropped under contrastingly light melodies.

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If you liked Touching Down...

1. Sound Advice
2. Forget me Knots
3. Playtime
4. Scrambled Eggs
5. Uncensored
6. At The Movies
7. Vocoda Funk
8. Sorry For You
9. Feel the Heat
10. Siren Sounds
11. Keep Strong
12. Find Myself
13. Reel Dark One
14. Swings and Roundabouts
15. Zak Attak
16. Snapshots 3