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Music-Critic Interviews:
The Crystal Method
by: nick evans

The Crystal Method Interview

This past Friday, I was lucky enough to land an interview with Wes Jordan, one half of the electronic duo, The Crystal Method. Their new albumLegion of Boom is in stores now, and is a fantastic album. Read on to find out what we found out about the new album, personal favorites, touring, and future plans.


Music-Critic.com: “Tweekend” is one of my personal favorite electronic records. Was there a lot of pressure on you all from the record company, fans, etc to follow up the critical and commercial success of “Tweekend”?

Not really. We don’t get much pressure from the record label, other than to make the record, and turn it in when we’re done.

MC: Will the character of “Nosey” (from the "Name of the Game" video) be returning in any of your future videos?

(Laughs) Oh, I think Nosey’s pretty much retired for now. We still have one… maybe we’ll pull it out again for Halloween.

MC: What is your favorite CD of all time, in any genre?

That’s a tough one… probably House of the Holy by Led Zeppelin.

MC: Do you currently have any touring plans?

Yeah, our tour starts February 26th in Sacramento, and will probably go on through early May. We aren’t really sure who will open for us- but our opening DJ will be DJ Hyper.

MC: What's currently in your CD player?

Hmm… the new Outkast CD, Radiohead’s “Hail to the Theif”, and the new disc from Adam Freeland.

MC: You’ve worked with everyone from Scott Weiland to Wes Borland to Garbage… who has been your favorite artist to work with?

Definitely Wes Borland. He’s such a great guy, and an awesome guitar player.

MC: Vegas had great club anthems, Tweekend had great rock/hip hop influence. Was there a certain direction you were pointing towards with this album?

Our main focus for this album was not to make it very dark and heavy, like Tweekend was. We tried to make it sound a little more like Vegas.

MC: Why did you decide to release Legion of Boom into the very soft market in January? Take advantage of the lack of releases coming out?

Well, we had the disc turned in by late October. The label didn’t want rush it out, or let it get buried in all the Christmas releases.

MC: I noticed that you placed a song in [the videogame] Need for Speed Underground, the first single, “Burn too Slow”. Do you think placing your songs in video games brings you to a wider audience?

It really can. It definitely helps bring a whole new audience- it lets them know that we have a new song and album out.

MC: Your song “The American Way” is one of the more interesting tracks on the new album. Is it about how you all are “pioneers” for the American techno scene?

A little bit, but the main focus of that song is more for the whole political scene of America, and how we are imposing our will on everyone. I’m not really cool with it.

MC: What’s your personal favorite song off the new album?

Probably “True Grit”, the third track from the album.

MC: What are your hopes for the first single? Will you be releasing a maxi-single with remixes for it?

Yes, we have already released a vinyl 12 inch and a maxi single, containing all the remixes for “Born Too Slow”.

MC: What can we expect from crystal method in the future? Maybe another remix album like Community Service?

We are going to tour throughout the summer, then we will probably do another mix CD like Community Service. After that, we’ll probably get to our 4th studio album.
31-Jan-2004 10:56 PM

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