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Learn music online with Music Critic resources

Whether you are dreaming of becoming a musician or already play and now want to take it further, Music Critic's Learning and Courses page is a great place to get started.

We've compiled resources and courses to help budding musicians and future break-through acts get advice and tips on a range of topics including starting out in the music industry, recording, performing live and perhaps most important of all, getting noticed.

BBC Music
Learn about the music industry and the key players with this BBC guide containing music news and reviews by genres and artists.

Learning & Courses

Music Theory
Created by Ricci Adams, this site has all the basics covered, from note duration to chords, from time signatures to useful online tools, such as interval calculator and tempo tapper.

Just Guitar
Started in 2003, this website is run by a London-based guitarist and songwriter Justin Sandercoe. Learn the basics, techniques, chords, as well as get detailed articles on rhythm, scales and various guitar music styles.

Musical Instruments

Andertons Music Co.
Any music enthusiast can get lost in this shop just like a kid in a sweet store! A Guildford-based shop offers a wide range of instruments, accessories, recording equipment and live sound & light equipment.

Play Record
From ukuleles to harmonicas, you will find a wide range of musical instruments, all available for purchasing online.

Music Record Labels

Warp Records
An independent English record label, founded in Sheffield in 1989 by Steve Beckett and Rob Mitchell, is notable for discovering some of the most enduring artists in electronic music.

Easy Action
A upcoming British record label, presenting Rock'n'Roll's primeval aristocracy including Van Morrison, Lords of Altomont, Lords of the New Church and others.

Ninja Tune XX
An Independent record label offering hip hop, acid jazz and more. Browse their artist list, listen to the releases, find out where the gigs are and buy stuff.

Another independent label based in London which also runs a monthly live night at the 12 Bar Club in Central London on the first Tuesday of every month.