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Hot Air Balloon EP
label: unknown
released: 12.04.07
our score: 5 out of 5.0

Get Hot Air Balloon EP sheet music and guitar tab!

An uncompromising pseudo jazz masterpiece
by: Jamie Sampson

From the first chord of dramatic violins in Hot Air Balloon’s jazzy opener you can tell Kat Viper’s rather special. Deftly blending and alternating between jazz, blues, funk and electronica, her sound is unique. Describing herself as a ‘bit punk n’ roll’, the only female artist that comes to mind that could match her vivacity is PJ Harvey, or maybe classic Liza Minnelli, and that certainly is a compliment.

In this, her second EP, Vipers delivers five completely individual songs, each exemplifying a different facet of her talent. In her terrifically expressive vocals alone we hear her slip between husky sexuality, trembling hysteria, powerful booming and softly melodious with remarkable ease. The same diversity is displayed instrumentally too. There’s certainly no forgettable fillers here. In ‘Hot Air Balloon’ we get the sexy jazz of a smokey caberet club, with smooth piano and hip shaking snare drums.

In the defiant ‘Just Like Jerry-Lee’ we’re blasted with erratic, percussive piano and thumping beats before the dramatic theatricality of ‘Wasting Time’ with funky sax and pounding piano, which then evolves into a charming kids sing along and back again. We then head into true blues territory with the crooning ‘Get a New Dog Blues’ before finishing with the gorgeous tinkling piano of the tragic lament ‘This is Now’. Kat Vipers is in a word a revelation, constantly surprising and utterly engrossing. The CD format seems hardly able to contain her energy, she is an artist born for the stage, and only live would her true, untainted sound reach it’s full potential. But for now, we should feel lucky and privileged to be able to hear her ingenious, uncompromising material whenever we like.


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