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label: Self-Released
released: 02.23.07
our score: 1 out of 5.0

Get Inspiration sheet music and guitar tab!

by: Tim Wardyn


That was my first reaction while listening to this suicide-inducing debut, "Inspiration" by the appropriately named Keyboard Cathy. She suggests that she wants to create a new sub-genre called "Broadway pop." I prefer "Appropriate torture for terrorist suspects."

Cathy Weigand is the mastermind behind the piano-playing modestly talented Keyboard Cathy. This is an ambitious debut that I am still trying to figure out why it was made. I’ve had three other people listen to it and they cannot figure out why this album was produced. Maybe she just wanted to fulfil a dream. Maybe she thinks that it’ll catch on. Maybe she’s a terrorist. Any way you slice it, this album is for her family members only.

"Sushi Lover" is like the Care Bears took acid and then went on a trip to Tokyo. "Sushi" is repeated in between every line and then there are very bizarre interludes about how to eat sushi and why the character likes sushi. It sounds like it is straight from a musical, but songs are supposed to help the listener to remember a part of the musical. If I were sitting in a theatre watching this, I would probably be wondering if the fog machine had more than just fog.

At the age of 37, it’s admirable to finally record a debut that is this…different. If you are into musicals, you might like "Inspiration." But for me, this is only the second record I’ve ever reviewed that has actually made me physically nauseous. Keyboard Cathy would best be reserved for local charities and family gatherings.


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