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David Cassidy
Then & Now
label: universal
released: 04.30.02
our score: 3.5 out of 5.0

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70s Television Nostalgia Redux
by: jason newville

Who ever said the 70's are gone? Well David Cassidy sure wouldn't tell you that. You remember the heart throb from the classic show The Partridge Family, who drove young girls mad with his looks and hits? He's back again with his a new release Then and Now, a disc that shows off his hits from, well... the 70's and now.

Immediately upon listening to this I was impressed, I have never been a huge Cassidy fan but some of his tunes are pretty catchy. At first listen you can tell this is a much more mature Cassidy, his voice is full of experience and pain that only come with the roller coaster life of a singer who rose to the top and fell just as quickly.

His recordings of the hits "I Think I Love You" and "Do You Believe In Magic" are a fresh mix of new vocals that show this guy can still hang with the best of them. His new stuff is very solid and he still shows off that flare of charisma that made him so popular in the 70's.

So should you buy this album? If you ever liked any of Cassidy's work in the past this is a must-have disc. Once again we are seeing a resurgence of the older rockers coming back and showing the boy bands how it's done. These guys started the whole craze and they are back to prove they still have what it takes.
18-Jun-2002 6:15 PM

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If you liked Then and Now...

1. I Think I Love You
2. No Bridge I Wouldn't Cross
3. Do You Believe in Magic?
4. Ain't No Sunshine
5. I Can Feel Your Heartbeat
6. It's One of those Nights
7. Rock Me Baby
8. I Woke Up In Love This Morning
9. How Can I Be Sure
10. Lyin' To Myself
11. Cherish
12. Cry
13. Ricky's Tune
14. I'll Meet You Halfway
15. C'mon Get Happy