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J.C. Chasez
label: Jive Records
released: 02.24.04
our score: 3.0 out of 5.0

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Lost in the Shadows
by: john reed

How sad it is that Justin Timberlake had amazing success with his solo effort in 2002/03, yet his N’SYNC band mate JC Chasez will hardly rank as a footnote in the history of the biggest boy band of the 90’s.

What makes this all the sadder is that Chasez tried very hard not to follow in Timberlake's Michael Jackson tainted footsteps and has make a very solid product in Schizophrenic. Unfortunately, no one will hear it as the CD has hardly been selling since its February release.

Without a hint of his former (?) band on Schizophrenic, the CD is full of dance and party tunes that would have set the current lackluster state of radio on fire, had Chasez gotten half the support that Justin got from his label.

He enters some unexpected territory on the “Some Girls (Dance With Women),"does an homage to Sean Paul and the dancehall reggae on "Mercy", gets as danceable as possible without getting hokey with "She Got Me", and confesses a sin we already knew on "All Day Long I Dream About Sex," seemingly a take off on the old ADIDAS joke.

24-May-2004 9:52 PM

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If you liked Schizophrenic...

1. Some Girls (Dance with Women)
2. She Got Me
3. 100 Ways
4. Mercy
5. Build My World
6. Something Special
7. If You Were My Girl
8. Shake It
9. All Day I Dream About Sex
10. One Night Stand
11. Come to Me
12. Dear Goodbye
13. Everything You Want
14. Lose Myself
15. Right Here (By Your Side)
16. Blowin' Me Up (With Her Love)
17. Some Girls (Dance with Women) (feat. Dirt McGirt)