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No Angel
label: Arista
released: 06.01.99
our score: 4.5 out of 5.0
buy it: here

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Songs that Scream of Emotion...
They Hold More than Words - They Help You Hold On
by: tom reiter

Dido, despite having two songs getting some major exposure, is a relatively unknown artist.

"Here With Me" appears as the theme song for W.B.'s Roswell, and Emimen samples "Thank You."Yet as singles these songs get very little airplay.

Dido's debut, No Angel, does not fit easily into one genre, but rather it melts multiple genres to form her own unique place in today's music. No Angel smoothly blends electronic trip-hop with folk/acoustic music, and the result is something that touches the soul.

Dido, from the U.K., has an extremely soft voice that sounds similar to that of Sarah Mclachlan, and at times as powerful, but is never as harsh. Tracks like "My Life" and "Thank You" are vocal showcases for Dido. The top-notch production doesn't take anything away from the quality of Dido's voice or the music, it remains a clean recording throughout.

No Angel carries a very emotional theme throughout the album. It presents a feeling of loneliness, like you just lost someone very important.

But it makes you feel like you're at the point where you have accepted the fact and can deal with it, so you aren't sad, just lonely, and you realize how much you truly love the person you miss.

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