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Janet Jackson
Damita Jo
label: Virgin Records
released: 03.30.04
our score: 1.5 out of 5.0

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Nothing to See Here Folks
by: john reed

Being a Massachusetts native, I must remind all that (considering all the attention that “Nipplegate” is getting), the New England Patriots won the game, a fact that will be forever be overshadowed by the Jackson/Timberlake PR stunt (and for the record…no one is buying the lame “malfunction” excuse).

Janet must have been listening to Damita Jo during rehearsals for the infamous halftime show and, realizing how lame it was, thought that a “nipple slip” would boost record sales (and this weeks number show that she was wrong), as it sure won’t on merit alone.

Doing little more than expanding on her oversexed confessions on 2001’s All For You,” Damita Jo has Janet coming off almost nympho-like with some really ambiguous titles as “Sexhibition,” "All Nite (Don't Stop),” and “Moist.”

Hey, do you think that Janet really likes sex?

The CD does have some bright spots, as “All Nite (Don't Stop)" has a certain funk/jazz energy to it that works and as does "R&B Junkie." But, too much tempo-less filler as "Spending Time With You," "I Want You," and "Looking for Love" are just plain tedious.

Is this really the same girl who gave us such groundbreaking work as Control, Rhythm Nation 1814 and
The Velvet Rope?

When did Janet get so uninteresting? Maybe she was asking herself that same question when she was buttoning up her break-away halter last January.
12-Apr-2004 8:55 AM

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1. Looking For Love
2. Damita Jo
3. Sexhibition
4. Strawberry Bounce
5. My Baby (featuring Kanye West)
6. The Islands
7. Spending Time With You
8. Magic Hour
9. Island Life
10. All Nite (Don't Stop)
11. R&B Junkie
12. I Want You
13. Like You Don't Love Me
14. Thinkin' Bout My Ex
15. Warmth
16. Moist
17. It All Comes Down To Love
18. Truly
19. The One
20. SloLove
21. Country
22. Just A Little While