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label: Rangy Tangy Records
released: 12.04.07
our score: 2 out of 5.0

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A disco bore
by: Jamie Sampson

Since the dawn of the 21st century there’s been a slow but definite transformation in popular music. Nowadays, Rock, Indie, R& B and Hip Hop are ‘in’, and straightforward, happy-but-brainless Pop music is most definitely ‘out’. The bands that were once synonymous with Pop music are now almost an embarrassment, or at least a guilty pleasure. Paleday have basically taken it upon themselves to battle against the flow of today’s popular music by devolving about ten years back into those disco feverish, cheesy days of George Michael, Steps and the Spice Girls. They have entirely succeeded, although whether they should be commended for creating three more toe tapping but completely forgettable pieces of pop trash is debatable.

There’s nothing of much interest here, we’ve heard the funky bass, demo-button synth and vibrant violins a thousand times already, and more effectively. Paleday’s music meanders along at a pedestrian tempo, displaying neither the energy nor the eccentricity of their peers The Scissor Sisters or Jamiroquai. Their lyrics claim that ‘all we’ve gotta do is get funky in your disco’, but without the rhythm or the attitude that might be trickier than they surmised.

In short, these three light-hearted, soulless tracks suffice to make us smile, but hardly spur us to get up and boogie. If you want to listen to something genuinely ‘retro’ just delve through a bargain bin and whack on a Best of the 90s mega mix.


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