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Cut Me Loose
label: Halo Records
released: 06.01.05
our score: 3.5 out of 5.0

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Funky, seductive, captivating
by: Tim Wardyn

Sexy, sassy and a voice that’s hotter than molten lava, Rietta has everything it takes to be a bona fide superstar. Her debut, "Cut Me Loose," showcases a voice that is everything from Whitney Houston to Joss Stone.

"Madness" opens the album with the prophetic "There’s a method to my madness/ There is more to me than meets the eye" chorus. There is. Whether it’s the funk of the opener or the gospel sound of "Guilty," (where she hits a note that I’ve only heard Mariah Carey hit) Rietta proves herself worthy to be with the divas of today.

"Ordinary" is a bonafide pop smash (or at least it should be) with its powerful chorus and climactic multi-vocal/strings/power chord ending, this is hands-down better than anything that American Idol has to offer.

"Cut Me Loose" does have an underachieving moment. On "Falling" Rietta sounds timid and looses the command on the listener that she has on the rest of the album. But she gets it right back on "Maxine."

Rietta’s voice is a commanding four-octave range, grabs the listener with the power of Whitney while giving the listener the sass of Joss. For those who like funky pop music by a sure-to-be diva, then "Cut Me Loose" is a perfect fit.


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