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Robbie Williams
Live at Knebworth
label: emi int'l
released: 10.03.03
our score: 2.75 out of 5.0
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Escape To Another Level
by: peter naldrett

And so the torture continues. As if sitting in a car for hours on end trying to reach the concert, watching a tiny speck on a stage and then leaving in another horrendous traffic jam was not enough, now you can relive the experience at home!

The problem with Robbie Williams Live At Knebworth is that, as a live CD, it is far from flawless. Williams himself delivers a poor vocal performance on many of the 14 tracks, his backing singers sound dreadful and far too much is made of the squealing crowd for it to be any good. On top of that, we have Robbie chipping in with his between-songs nonsense about how he hates the press (how many people would have been at Knebworth without it) and far too many times he makes arrogant quips about how great Britain is. “Britain, I’m your son,” he sings in "Come Undone", to roars from the crowd that will surely prompt embarrassment in many homes with this CD.

His summer tour may have been a record-breaker and seen 1.2 million people turn out across Europe, but it does not follow that his tour CD will be a corker. It’s not. It’s a shocker.
6-Oct-2003 11:09 PM

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