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Counting Crows
Recovering the Satellites
label: Geffen
released: 10.15.96
our score: 4.0 out of 5.0

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A Lifetime Commitment
by: bill aicher

Ooooh harsh!!!   Yes, Counting Crows have gotten a little wilder on this cd.  Their first single, "Angels of the Silences" was more punk/rock than they have ever been - especially for a folk/rock band.  The first album was about the band trying to find its place in the music world, and in life as well.  Recovering the Satellites goes to the next step, and deals with the new lives they have acquired with fame.

Despite the trend towards a more rock style on the first single, the rest of the album is set in the same style as August and Everything After.  We have the folk styles of piano, mellotron, guitar, accordion, tambourines, etc.  We also still have Adam Duritz on lead vocals.

This album is a good choice if you are a fan of lighter rock.  I would compare it to the Wallflowers, but that would be the same as heresy.  However, if you would ever get the chance to see Wallflowers and Counting Crows together, do it so you can hear the Wallflowers do "Sixth Avenue Heartache" (a Wallflowers song) with Duritz on backup vocals.   It makes the song.

Recovering the Satellites is 14 tracks of high quality music.  They don't mess around with their style.  What we have on here is the good stuff.  As professional as can be without becoming an adult contemporary band.  They appeal to a wide variety of audiences, with their moving lyrics and the emotional voice of Duritz.  Counting Crows will supposedly be out with a new studio album towards the end of this year, and I can't wait to hear what they can do to top this one.

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1. Catapult
2. Angels of the Silences
3. Daylight Fading
4. I'm Not Sleeping
5. Goodnight Elisabeth
6. Children in Bloom
7. Have You Seen Me Lately?
8. Miller's Angels
9. Another Horsedreamer's Blues
10. Recovering the Satellites
11. Monkey
12. Mercury
13. A Long December
14. Walkaways