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Diffuser - Injury Loves Melody

If Misery Loves Company...
by: paul tinelli

If Diffuser's goal on their major label debut, Injury Loves Melody, was to make an album full of radio friendly power pop tunes, they succeeded. If their goal was to separate themselves from every other faceless mainstream rock band on the radio today, they failed miserably.

Diffuser provides us with a collection of hard rocking songs that should certainly find a home on modern rock radio. On their debut effort the band shows a penchant for catchy hooks and a great use of dynamics - all wrapped up neatly in a three and a half minute song which has been the trademark of just about all of your successful bands on rock radio today. Two or three tracks just jump of the disc as definite future rock radio staples.

"Tidal" is a straightforward rocker with an infectious hook. "35" is a hard rock gem in the vein of In Utero period Nirvana. "Tell Her This" is another quality song that you feel like you've heard before, it treads awfully close to Semisonic's "Closing Time."

Diffuser should have a successful album on their hands with Injury Loves
, and it is certainly a solid debut effort. They show a certain fine
pop sensibility on most tracks presented here, and hopefully they will find
their own voice to showcase this gift in the future. The album ends with a
hidden track that's a very funny spoof of 80's arena rock. Let's hope the
band uses the sense of humor and originality they show on this joke track on
their next record.

Artist Diffuser
Album Injury Loves Melody
Label Hollywood
Date 01.23.01

3.5 out of 5.0

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