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Grand Unification
Sandwich Foot Records/ Island Records

our score: 5 out of 5

Fightstar- Grand Unification
by: James Pabla

An Objective Approach - Fightstar- Grand Unification album Review.

It has been two or so years from the separation of Charlie Simpson and Busted, and the transition or more appropriately progression has been some what impressive and ultimately respectful.

The forming of Fightstar seemed be a unique and unfortunately unnecessarily scrutinised band, as the ignorant majority of music reviewers and listeners would quite simply base all their views on Fightstars music with an inevitable reference to 'Busted'.

Let's go back for a second, Charlie was 15 when he was forth embraced by a music company as he was recognised for his vocal and musical talents, he was offered a fantastic opportunity to become famous, and ideally to all teenagers leave school! As an individual fixated on heavy rock such as 'Machine Head' it seemed relatively unusual for him to execute and perform such pop like songs, but all of which got him famous and rich, now be realistic, would you say no to that. Remedy is the key theme here and Charlie has progressed to a scene that suits and reflects him. "For the first time since I was 15, I like what I'm playing"(Charlie Simpson).

Flash to 2006, and the release of Grand Unifi! cation h as had a massive impact on me in many different ways both emotionally and musically. As a guitar player for 3/4 years now I can appreciate a good riff when I hear one, and this album is completely jammed packed of fantastic, harmonised and differentiated riffs that scream authenticity to Charlie and the talented players in Fightstar. The opening to the album "To Sleep" symbolises a new path for Fightstar, a nostalgic beginning of unknown paths and mystical circumstances, ambiguous in many ways but it all builds up to the hell raising Grand Unification (Part 1), a path has been born.

One aspect of this album must be taken into consideration, this is Fightstar's debut and the album does consist of a few tracks such as 'Mono' and 'Lost Like Tears In Rain', which have been previously released on their EP 'They Liked You Better When You Where dead'. Although they have been released before, geniously fightstar have replicated the songs and fine tuned them into a new concoction of melodies to suit the overall progression of the band. Subsequently showing dedication and appreciation to the fans and buyers of their music.

The majority of the album stands out to me, and such tracks as "Build An Army" and ' Lost Like Tears In Rain' enable Fightstar to be associated with the heavy/emotional musical scene. Objectively I believe that Fightstar have an association with emotional music that cannot be paralleled by any other rock band, for instance Funeral For A Friend, do have emotional lyrics but the melodies are fixated on repetitive heavy key and bland vocal talents. Grand Unification (Part 2) is the epitome of an emotional song, with ingenious references to physics, human activity to reflect upon emotional discontent the track screams effort and beauty, quite simply nearing emotional music perfection.

The album ends with 'Wake Up', and fine blend of Alex and Charlie's vocal talents to portray a sense of unconsciousness to the album, to the fact that most of the individual! s listen ing to the album will be surprised to how good Fightstar actually are. The repetition of "Wake up" with an orchestral injection states that the ignorant listeners out there will have to snap out of this false trance of prejudice that has occurred from Charlie and Busted, and appreciate Fightstar for what they are. Charlie has been on a path in his life, all of which we should ever scrutinise as it has lead to one of the best rock bands of our time.

Grand unification nails near perfection, and scores a 9.8/10 - A must buy to all rock/open minded listeners.