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Buy Lost Songs

David Gray
Lost Songs
label: BMG/RCA Records
released: 04.17.01
our score: 3.5 out of 5.0
buy it: here

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The Light of Day
by: peter naldrett

note: the following review refers to the UK release of the album.

Those of you familiar with the snowballing David Gray phenomenon may find it somewhat strange that his acclaimed album Lost Songs is being "released" on February 12. But having already reached number one in the album charts and received a nomination for a best album Brit Award, Lost Songs is now being re-released by East-West records, who are hoping to boost sales after the initial release on Gray's own "iht" label.

Essentially an accoustic album of material written between 1995 and 1998, Lost Songs should do even better now that his second studio album, White Ladder, has achieved Gray star status. But Gray himself is keen to point out that the album should be considered in its own right.

He said,"Much as I am at pains to stress that this record is not in any way a follow up to White Ladder, I should perhaps also stress that it is much more than a half-arsed collection of old b-sides and take outs."

Indeed it is, the nine songs and two instrumentals combining to make a beautiful collection of soothing songs, aided by Gray's recognisable voice. Although "Twighlight" is not the greatest moment on the CD, compensation is found in the impressive "Red Moon," "Falling Down The Mountainside" and "Clean Pair Of Eye."

No doubt Gray's biggest fans are already comfortable with the content of Lost Songs, but for those who joined the bandwagon with the multi-million selling White Ladder, this is the next logical step. It's also a precursor to his new single, a new arrangement of "This Years Love," as the David Gray bandwagon continues to roll on with increased velocity.

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1. Flame Turns Blue
2. Twilight
3. Hold On
4. As I'm Leaving
5. If Your Love Is Real
6. Tidal Wave
7. Falling Down the Mountainside
8. January Rain
9. Red Moon
10. Clean Pair of Eyes
11. Wurlitzer