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Buy Safe from the Losing Fight

Kids in the Way
Safe from the Losing Fight
label: Flicker Records
released: 03.09.04
our score: 4.5 out of 5.0
buy it: here

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Can a Christian Rock Band Be That Good? YES!!!!!
by: tim wardyn

Story of the Year, Poison the Well, Yellowcard and Good Charlotte are all considered the future of punk rock.  Even if you consider the last two bands “punk,” (which I emphatically don’t) none of them stand a chance against the punk-infused assault that are Kids in the Way.  And to top it all off, they are a Christian band.

Now I know some people have opinions on Christian music.  It’s “Bible-thumping” or “all they talk about is God all the time.”  To those people, I have one album for them.  Safe From the Losing Fight” the debut from Kids in the Way. 

The album opens with the moshworthy introductory track “We Are,” which could easily be used as the anthem for teenage rebelliousness.  With the chanting chorus “We are the kids in the way!  You can’t hold us down!” Kids in the Way take your eardrums with force and don’t let go until the last note of “The End” 

“Hallelujah” and “Phoenix with a Heartache” are both intense and powerful songs that make you thank God for music. 

One of the best tracks on the album (all of them are fantastic, but this one really stands out) is “This Fire We Started Made Wreckage of All That We Know.”  It is similar to P.O.D’s “Will You” except “This Fire…” has so much more passion (“stones quickly shift in our hands, we shed the blood of the human, and bury our hearts in the sand”) and it doesn’t reek of corporate complacency.

Kids in the Way have the talent to make a huge splash in the Christian and secular scene.  These five guys not only have a passion for Christ, but a passion for moshworthy songs.

The one thing that makes Kids in the Way stand out from other generic hard-rock groups is the harmonies.  They bombard the album with heavy riffs, singing and perfectly placed screams, but scattered throughout are these gorgeous two- and four-part harmonies that give a refreshing change and balance to the in-your-face intensity that this quintet brings.

Who knew the best punk-influenced hard rock band would come out of the Christian music scene.
28-Apr-2003 10:42 AM

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1. We Are
2. Moving Mountains
3. Never Say Die
4. Hallejuah
5. Phoenix with a Heartache
6. Love
7. Scars That Save
8. This Fire We Started Made Wreckage of All That We Know
9. Stars Fall On
10. These Are the Days
11. Your Knife, My Back
12. End