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label: Kranky
released: 09.24.02
our score: 4.0 out of 5.0
buy it: here

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The Reigning Kings of Dynamics
by: bill aicher

Since their formation in 1994, Low have been regarded as anything but a "rocking" rock band. After a series of so-so albums, 2001 found them releasing Things We Lost in the Fire to much critical acclaim. They've since become the band synonymous with slowcore rock, and they've become heralded for their inventive use of harmonies and dynamics.

Their latest release, the succintly labeled Trust, finds these Duluth-natives picking up pretty much where Things We Lost in the Fire left off, only this time they've gone for a more somber lyrical vibe. The minimalist drones of "John Prine" and "In the Drugs" are among the most dirge-like songs the band has ever produced. Yet, they still display the band's penchant for superb sonic manipulation.

What's most surprising with Trust is the rocking feel of "Canada." It's by far the most traditional rock song the band has ever put down to tape, and almost feels out of place on a Low album. This is Low, however, and as rocking as "Canada" gets, it's still slowcore; and one of the most interesting and satisfying trips on Trust.

Other superb snippets of satisfaction come under as "Last Snowstorm of the Year" (it's surprisingly upbeat in feel), and the folky campiness of "La La Song" is an utter delight, and at times eerily reminscient of the hippy-drone of the late Mazzy Star.

Elsewhere, you'll be hard-pressed to find anything less than satisfactory. Years of practice have been kind to Low, and although they hit their highest mark with Things We Lost in the Fire, Trust is a fittingly remarkable follow-up.
30-Dec-2002 6:12 PM

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1. (That's How You Sing) Amazing Grace
2. Canada
3. Candy Girl
4. Time Is the Diamond
5. Tonight
6. Lamb
7. In the Drugs
8. Last Snowstorm of the Year
9. John Prine
10. Little Argument With Myself
11. la la Song
12. Point of Disgust
13. Shots and Ladders