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Mainstream Distortion
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5 out of 5

Mainstream Distortion - Bully
by: Marie

If you're craving dirty intellectual expressionism infused with a dark euphoria then Mainstream Distortion offer it in abundance. Through passionate, industrial, techno-rock Mainstream Distortion seem to be producing something new and original in an age where repetitive emo seems to be ubiquitous.

For a debut album their sound is as mature as 'NIN on Cider' (according to Alex Chandon - Director of Cradle of Fear). Add a splash of innocent Amen style punk, a slice of gritty KMFDM beats and shaken up with Refused fuelled activism. They take the listener on a journey through angst ridden cyber punk, creating dark landscapes from a poetical blending of lyrical content and powerful compositions.

One may call it industrial, punk, rock, metal, dance - it is however none of these and all of them at the same time. Using an array of samples and beats, unnerving lyrical substance, evocative guitars and atmospheric vocals this band has already made their mark on the music scene. Simply put - they offer us more!

Tracks like 'Glutton' prove MD's lyrical intelligence, 'Golden Stars' establish an avant-garde guitarist, and songs like 'Bully' expose a potential to be commercially successful. But the best tracks for me offer something else! , someth ing edgy, something quirky with unconventional twists, such as 'My Beautiful Hate' and 'Devil in Your Eyes'.

As a whole the album initiates a new consciousness into a dark and yet beautiful place, incorporating pain and suffering, love and loss, hate and desire. Such intensity of emotion is further complimented through bitter, sweet melodies and innovative guitar styles that immerse you even deeper in this new and twisted world.