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Jumbo Fiasco
label: Shifty Disco Records
released: 08.01.07
our score: 3.5 out of 5.0

Get Jumbo Fiasco sheet music and guitar tab!

Enter the Chaos
by: Tim Wardyn

My Device is a band that you cannot passively listen to. “Jumbo Fiasco” is 14 songs that take just over 35 minutes to get through and every second is played with the intensity of a six-year-old with ADD.


Vocalist Todd Jordan fronts this fast-paced trio just like a combination of Craig Nicholls of The Vines and Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse. He holds nothing back. Tracks like the opener “Uh!” and “Life is a Blast” are prime examples of his primal but controlled screaming. On “Super Tonio!” Jordan screams as if he’s channeling the Avett Brothers.


But underneath the lyrics are a combination of catchy, poignant and perfectly forgettable.


On “Uh!” Jordan yells this clunker, “This is the song! The song that we promised you/ It’s you that we’re singing it to.” But on “That Girl Don’t Got No Shoes On,” Jordan fakes us all out: “This girl is fictional, we made her up for this song/ Please don’t believe us, we’re lying to you, it’s a sham.”


With each song averaging out at about two and a half minutes, every second is used to blow your mind. If you miss the chaos of The Vines, then “Jumbo Fiasco” by My Device is just the remedy.


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