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Natives of the New Dawn
Need Something

our score: 1 out of 5

Natives of the New Dawn : Need Something
by: Claire Mapletoft

When I first played this CD, I was almost shocked to hear what sounded like a complete mish-mash of out of tune guitars, random lyrics about the glorious heydays of the 1980’s, and a very annoying man who rapped over what would have been acceptable music. Then to add insult to injury, another man joins in and they both have what could be termed as a vocal spasm, prompting me to wonder what kind of record companies sign this kind of band.

Natives of the New Dawn are a band who incorporate hip-hop (and the very worst kind), coupled with almost bluesy guitars, and dare I say it, guitar solos that would not be out of place in some kind of hair metal circa 1980’s band. I have no problem with any of these factors, but together they make what scientists and mathematicians alike label ‘a mess’. There seems to be potential underneath the atrocious rapping and equally uncomfortable lyricism, and there is a definitive beat and rhythm which could be deemed not really that bad when all is said and done, but talented musicianship here goes completely to waste.

This sophomore album of a band known as ‘the next in lines to take the music world by storm’ is over-produced to an extent that the ‘maestros’ behind this, must have listened to Iron Maiden, Stevie Wonder, and 50 Cent all in one night and decided to make a conglomerate of sounds that do not necessarily complement each other.

The only real saving grace of this album was ‘Good Day’, which was rescued from mediocrity by a decent vocal and guitar accompaniment. However, lo and behold, the wannabe Eminem makes a re-appearance and the track is once again relegated to the bargain bin of ‘over-rated up and comers’. Having said that, I can imagine ‘Good Day’ to be popular with pre-pubescent teenagers having not discovered the benefits of GOOD music, and young men still in love with the idea of rap and the social problems it promises to challenge. Forgive my cynicism, but it appears that this band and their music are trying too hard to incorporate modern styles of music, such as rapping and hip-hop beats, but yet retaining a kind of musical origin, such as four part harmony and the kind of background singing akin to that used by soul singers of the 1970’s.

After five tracks that all sounded the same, I was beginning to tire rapidly of Natives of the New Dawn. Remember an early Noughties band called Crazy Town? Natives of the New Dawn are a decidedly poor version of the aforementioned band. Definitely for an acquired taste.