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Trouble Doll
label: Pinch Hit Records
released: 08.29.01
our score: 2.5 out of 5.0

Mindless Fun
by: matt cibula

Yoshimi got you down? Tired of doin' that Yankee Hotel Foxtrot? Exhausted from listening to hard intense music? Well, try this palate-cleanser from Long Beach's Pinwheel, who grew out of the Trouble Dolls. This means, of course, that they've named their album after their former selves--and that's about as deep as they get. This is pop-punk rockstuff without a thought in its head, and pretty unapologetic about it, which is as it should be. Some other bands would hang their heads in shame at a chorus of "All I want is everything!" and others would make a huger deal out of it, like it was profound or something; these dudes just shout it out and move on. It's 40 minutes and no seconds of no-mind cruising music.

Sure, if you're looking for heart and/or soul and/or invention in your music, you shouldn't get anywhere near here. Crummy lyrics abound ("I need your medicine / Gotta feel you under my skin") and facile chord changes rule the day, and nothing here will surprise you in the least. But who gives a rat's ass about that? You want wild innovation, go listen to Autechre; but if you have some (non-music-snob) buddies in the car and you don't mind a group that can't decide if it's Silverchair or the Knack, this is the perfect segue disc between better, smarter records.

Special note for huge English Beat fans: There is a silly nu-metal cover of "Save It For Later" here. You don't want to hear it, because it'll make you crazy. Other people won't mind too much, but you, you're gonna bust up your stereo. And that's not cool. Fair warning has been given.
06-Aug-2002 4:30 PM

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