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Pearl Jam 2000 Bootleg Series
part i: special occasions

by: steven jacobetz

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Last year, Pearl Jam did the coolest thing I can imagine. They decided to release official recordings of nearly all the concerts on their 2000 tour--72 concerts in all. This was a fan's dream.

Anyone who collects bootlegs knows how risky it is. One either has to find reliable people to trade with, or else pay very high prices for material which will probably sound lousy.

Now thanks to the band, we don't have to worry about that. We have official recordings of the 2000 tour, mastered for the best possible sound quality, but the performances are completely unedited for authenticity. Plus, they are all priced as if they were one CD even though the shows are 2CDs (except the last night in Seattle, which is 3CDs), so they are affordable. No one could ask for more.

We at Music-Critic realize that you have to be really hardcore to buy all 72. Of course, the shows in your hometown or any you were at are a given, but what else should you get with so much to choose from? It can be hard to choose. So here's a little guide if you haven't picked all the ones you want yet.

Many people have done top 10 lists, but that is so inadequate with a band like Pearl Jam. What you really need to do is collect enough to cover all the different moods and twists they create from show to show. Concerts can be grouped into several different categories, including special occasions, one of a kind shows, mood shows, and classics. Here are some examples:






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