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Buy Chain Gang of Love

The Raveonettes
Chain Gang of Love
label: Sony
released: 09.02.03
our score: 4.5 out of 5.0

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Back on the Chain Gang
by: peter naldrett - uk correspondent

Whip It On may have been the musical equivalent to Gary Coleman when it comes to size, but it proved The Raveonettes to be probably the best thing ever imported from Denmark. Just 21 minutes long, their debut was like their live performances, hitting you hard with an endless barrage of brilliance and cutting it short to leave you hungry for more.

At just over 30 minutes long, Chain Gang Of Love is an epic by comparison, but no less addictive on the ear. Again coming with the quirky 1950s style filmic cover, Chain Gang Of Love is less intense than Whip It On, instead managing to further The Raveonettes’ sound and investigate some quieter corners that were omitted from the debut. The opener, "Remember", is a real gem, and was pioneered on their Whip It On tour earlier this year. After a shopkeeper’s ring, "Remember" relentlessy pounds critics into submission and even has an overtone of The Cranberries to make things a little weirder.

Thrashing guitars and beautiful melodies again combine to make "That Great Love Sound", well, a great sound, and "Noisy Summer" starts a little like a Californian 60s hit, but ends (thankfully) with crazy, sexy, intense static. Experimental sounds like this static and the repetitive beeping on "Love Can Destroy Everything" might not have been attempted on the guitar dominated Whip It On but now, having found their feet, ballads can creep into their sets and stand up well when tested. "Heartbreak Stroll", "Little Animal" and "New York Was Great" hark back to the likes of Beat City" and "Cops On Our Tail" for those who long for more of the good stuff.

The Raveonettes are a sound to be savoured. Chain Gang Of Love combines the hectic trademarks of Whip It On with a more mature and sensitive sound, while never managing to lose the rough edge that makes them so incredibly attractive.
09-Sep-2003 2:05 PM

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1. Remember
2. That Great Love Sound
3. Noisy Summer
4. Love Gang, The
5. Let's Rave On
6. Dirty Eyes (Sex Don't Sell)
7. Love Can Destroy Everything
8. Heartbreak Stroll
9. Little Animal
10. Untamed Girls
11. Chain Gang Of Love
12. Truth About Johnny, The
13. New York Was Great