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Buy Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right...But...

Relient K
Two Lefts Don't Make a Right...But Three Do
label: Gotee Records
released: 03.11.03
our score: 2.0 out of 5.0

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Mom's Punk
by: nick evans

It's really hard to write a review on an album that sounds like every other "power pop" or "mall punk" band out there. It's the four kids in their 20's formula with the preppy attire and matching jeans. The only difference is that these four guys are categorized in the genre of Christian punk. (that sounds really odd, doesn't it?) But while the basic purpose of Christian music is to imitate what is happening in the mainstream world to provide an alternative for the ones who consider mainstream music sinful, is there any room for originality? The answer is no.

Relient K use their whiny voices, power chords, and various "Whoa-O's" through 15 tracks of talking about teenage girls, college, and relationships with people in general. They don't stop there, however. Some "paper-thin-but-trying-to-be-intellectual" lyrics are found on this disc, similar to those found on Madonna's critically panned new disc American Life. ("Cause you're my dream please come true/ I was thinking/ Over thinking/ about exactly how I'm not exactly him/ I'll break my heart in two") Some other songs are more light hearted, and enjoys exploring what teenagers do, making wonderful observation. ("Whats up Dude/ I'm getting kind of bored/ lets get some food/ then hit the movies 4") A song called "Gibberish" warns its audience that gibberish is not a nice way to talk to your friends.

But I guess if those whiney voices and amateur 3 chord songs are your kind of thing, it works. This album, while taken from a critical standpoint fails miserably, is also a fun record for the 13 year old skateboard punk. And the moms will approve of the squeaky clean lyrics, so it's all good. You really can't take this band too seriously with songs titled "In Love with the 80's (pink tux to the prom)" and "Chap Stick, Chapped Lips, and things like chemistry". And while there is a lack of originality and fall short to their power-pop peers such as Simple Plan and New Found Glory, they have a strong faith for what they believe in, and it's evident on the disc. This album definitely isn't an album for the end of the year Critic's top 10 lists, but it serves its marketing purpose in providing the safe alternative to the naughty lyrics of Blink 182.
06-Jun-2003 4:00 PM

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1. Chap Stick, Chapped Lips, and Things Like Chemistry
2. Mood Rings
3. Falling Out
4. Forward Motion
5. In Love With the 80's (Pink Tux to the Prom)
6. College Kids
7. Trademark
8. Hoopes I Did It Again
9. Over Thinking
10. I Am Understood?
11. Getting Into You
12. Track 12
13. Gibberish
14. From End to End
15. Jefferson Aero Plane