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Robert Kramer

Dimension One Records

our score: 4 out of 5.0

Robert Kramer
by: Dee

New indie musician/ recording artist Robert Kramer has been on the midwest indie music scene for quite awhile, and thats good news for music fans. He's got 3 albums out presently, and a new one that just hit the streets (so to speak) called "Legacy Of Love". It's got a mixture of rock, blues and r&b that shows a good deal of scope.

Plus, in a surprising twist of events, he was assisted on this new disc by former Frank Zappa & The Mothers legendary lead vocalist Napoleon Murphy Brock (think "Roxy & Elsewhere" for Zappa fans)., but brings a sophistication to the vocal performances on two tracks, "Place In My Heart" & "Water Into Wine" that puts this album a notch above your standard run of the mill "local indie release". For one thing, it doesnt SOUND like your typical "indie band" , but brings to mind a pro level solo artist release in the vein of a cross between Springsteen and adult contemporary Sting, post-Police.

Speaking of Police, there's a track on the album titled "Smash the Mirror" that could be a Police outtake of a lost song. Rough-edged in it's delivery, but with a driving energy AND an understanding of how to write a decent pop song. (which many indie-wanna-bes have seem to left out of the equation as of late) Matter of fact..most of the material on this new disc is well-constructed, recorded and catchy. One wea! k spot m ight be "Wished You Could Hear This Song" an acoustic ballad that might pass for a decent early moodie blues tune, but needs an acoustic 12-string and maybe a remix in parts. But why nit-pick..Killer guitar and vocal work combined with above average songwriting make this album a must-have.

Personal favorite tracks: "Knockaround", "Water Into Wine" "Place In My Heart"