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Human UFO
label: Supersonic Records
released: 06.01.06
our score: 2 out of 5.0

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Yawn...Another generic rock record?
by: Tim Wardyn

I had never heard rock music from Denmark before I popped in "Human UFO" by the Danish quartet Starfish. It turns out their debut sounds like really generic 90’s rock.

"I’m Dying" is a traditional rock opening. Nothing fancy, original or challenging, just fun mindless rock with incredibly forgettable lyrics.

That is the main downfall with Starfish. Their lyrics are atrocious. The two worse offenses are: "Stay in bed you sleepyhead/ Clean your dirty days/ Love yourself and be a happy face," from "Sleepyhead" and "On the count of one/ You will see the sun/ On the count of two/ It’s just me and you/ On the count of three/ We go beep beep beep/ On the count of four/ You will cry for more," from "You Know My Name." We go "beep beep beep?" What? Are we driving plastic cars on a playground? And why the frick will I cry for more? I’m probably crying (or screaming) because you are creeping me out and your scaring the kids who actually fit into the plastic cars.

But the worst song by far (and frankly, one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard) is "The Ball." It’s essentially about bouncing back "like a ball." Well whoopty-friggin’-do! I understand that you are "trying to tell [me] how [you] feel" and yes I think "it sounds surreal" that you are comparing yourself to a friggin’ ball! There are hundreds of better ways to say that you are going to bounce back from something; unless that’s not the point. Then that just makes it one of the most asinine songs I’ve ever heard.

"Human UFO" is not entirely bad however. The music is fun to listen to and the vocals of Brian Jensen and Torsten Lefmann are pleasant, but slightly gritty; nice enough for mainstream radio, but with enough rasp to make them seem edgy. But overall, "Human UFO" is fairly forgettable. Starfish have created a basic run-of-the-mill rock record with lyrics that make The Wallflowers’ Jakob Dylan’s lyrics seem perfectly coherent.


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