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Buy Logic Will Break Your Heart

The Stills
Logic Will Break Your Heart
label: Vice/Atlantic
released: 10.21.03
our score: 3.5 out of 5.0

More Truth Than You Might Think
by: bill aicher

So the past month or two have been pretty rough for me. And, chances are, you're not all that interested in my private affairs. Then again, interpretation and emotional attachment with music can rely heavily on personal experiences... and can imbue a specific song or record with a certain depth or meaningfulness that it may not otherwise be worthy of. That said, we will begin discussion of The Stills full-length debut, Logic Will Break Your Heart.

In the last month and a half I've gone from being happily engaged and living with my fiancee, through a rapid unraveling of the relationship, and her eventual departure from my life. And it was during this time that I had begun to tackle Logic Will Break Your Heart. So for me, it's been a bit of a soundtrack to recent goings-on.

The honest truth of the matter is that The Stills aren't all that extraordinary of a band. They're hip and modern (in that post-punk kind of way) and are deserving of their commonplace mention among contemporaries like Interpol (who they recently opened a tour for). There's clangy, simplistic guitar work ... and there's a bit more New Order than Joy Division here. But what's most welcome about The Stills is they don't really seem to be as much rapists of past cool music as has been quite a trend recently among the recent post-punk resurgence. Instead, on Logic Will Break Your Heart it truly appears that The Stills are simply making music they like.

It's also clear, however, that they're a young group. There's not a moment here which could be remarked as brilliant, but where they fail in these matters they excel in others.. There's a certain bit of honesty in the lyrics - mostly dealing with heartbreak, and given my recent personal experiences, The Stills suddenly seem much wiser than they may first appear.

However clumsy they might sound, lyrics like "And I'm just so sick of wasting my time / love and death are always on my mind" from "Love and Death" portray an honesty and bluntness about relationships and life and all those other crazy things that certainly ring through with truth... especially given the gut-wrenching emotion that comes through on Tim Fletcher's vocals.

But what's most clear about The Stills is that there's a cohesiveness beneath the band and their record that says much more than just the music or words let on. Then again, I might be ascribing much more to Logic Will Break Your Heart than it deserves...

Regardless, it's a well-done debut - dark and lonely. It's only a pity I didn't listen sooner, because they are right about one thing. Logic will break your heart..
18-Nov-2003 7:45 PM

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