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Tenth Hour Calling
Tenth Hour Calling

our score: 4.5 out of 5.0

Tenth Hour Calling
by: Tim Wardyn

"This is not a band compiled on a whim, but a band put together with great care and thought towards the spiritual and musical aspect of performing." That's what the bio on the Web site for Tenth Hour Calling says and it could not be stated more perfectly. This five-piece Christian rock band uses rhythms, harmonies and technical brilliance that just not heard in any genre. They are better than the sum of their parts and since most of the members have degrees in music that is saying something.

This is not a garage rock band. These guys know exactly what they are doing. Whether it is the funky groove of "I See" or the Eagles-esque "Last Time," Tenth Hour Calling has managed to pool their talent to make the debut album of the year. The intensely fierce and technically flawless 'Rain' and the lyrically brilliant and spiritually cleansing 'Color Me' are the two best tracks on the album and they are two of the best songs to come from the Christian music world this year.

The band bio should have two more statements on it: These five guys have more talent than is legally allowed. If their debut is only the beginning, than this band could end up being one of the most technically sound and talented bands ever.

1. Ancient Butterfly
2. Last Timeo
3. Sundial
4. Color Me
5. I See
6. Rain
7. Your Eyes
8. All of Yours
9. You Alone
10. Waiting
11. Dry Your Eyes
12. Slow Down