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Piņata Face
label: Amazon
released: 09.03.07
our score: 2 out of 5.0

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Pinata Face
by: Lindsey Leach

Coming out with a new single, The Mojo Fins believe this will put them on top, but it seems to be taking the reverse effect. The Mojo Fins latest piece of work titled Piñata Face is due to release September 3, 2007. This EP includes a radio version and full length version of their song “Piñata Face” and an additional song “Between Stations.” The Mojo Fins are known in Brighton UK as indie-folk, progressive, soft rock.

The “Piñata Face” starts off acoustic with a soft voice setting a calm, peaceful atmosphere. Little by little the sound builds, slowly pulling you into the song; definitely a mellow tune, but maybe too slow of a song. It has a natural easy melody but the sound is empty; almost too plane. It seems it was written half heartedly. They weren’t taking much of a risk this time. The Mojo Fins music is no more than mediocre and doesn’t have a promising future at the rate they are going. Picking up the pace, thinking on higher levels and putting more passion into it would get them further in their music career. Despite the effort put into it, this EP isn’t something to rave about.


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