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Baby Machine
label: Cargo Records
released: 04.17.07
our score: 4.5 out of 5.0

Get Baby Machine sheet music and guitar tab!

Depressing, but brilliant
by: Tim Wardyn

Light the fuse, This Et Al is about to blow up. Their debut, "Baby Machine" is filled with music that ticks with energy before exploding into an electric rush of adrenaline. Think Muse without the arrogance.

 Their debut single "Of National Importance" shows their disenchantment with society in general and their driving guitar-fueled sound encapsulated in the line "You’ve pushed too hard/ And now your pushing daisies/ This is not an opinion/ This is common sense."

"Pigs Make Children Sick" is a brutally harsh take on police corruption. Try telling this to an officer: "I’ll stick to my rights/ If you stick to your vice/ And everybody felt a glamorous agony." Or how about this as the music swells to a massive static and feedback-filled climax: "You thought your friend was a demi-god/ He only thinks about himself." "Cabin Hum" is a perfect slowed-down instrumental intermission that allows the listener to take a breath before they charge into the next barn-burner "You’ve Driven for Miles (And Not Remembered a Thing)."
This Et Al are ready to explode in Europe and it’s only a matter of time before it spills over to the states. It took a while for Muse, but here they are and now This Et Al are ready to follow in their footsteps. And with "Baby Machine," despite the grim outlook that the band has on society, it may not take long before that same society catches on to this talented quartet.

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